Apostle Paul was  usually very modest when speaking about himself. However, he made several references to his example among the believers in order to teach them how to differentiate between true and false apostles.  Here are a few of the examples:

  • he did not judge people or situations by the appearances (2 Cor 10: 7).
  • his authority was used to edify rather than to destroy the believers (2 Cor 10: 8).
  • the gospel that he preached was mighty in the power of God (2 Cor 10: 10-11)
  • he measured the effectiveness of his ministry according to God’s standards rather than by himself or against other ministers of the gospel (2 Cor 10: 12,13)
  • he did not extort from the brethren (2 Cor 11: 6-9).
  • he gave glory to God and not to himself for the mighty works in his ministry (2 Cor 12) 
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