This topic was drawn to my attention yesterday as I pondered on the scriptures. I mentioned  examples of persons who had been given to the Lord as firstfruit offerings.

There were some very specific blessings that came on them:

  1. Samuel
  •  heard God call him at a tender age. 
  • received a prophetic word about the future of the priest that far exceeded his stage of development
  • was established as a prophet and a judge (political leader) in Israel

2. John the Baptist

  • became one of the greatest prophets in the kingdom of God
  • was the forerunner of the Messiah
  • grew up with wisdom and stature and was favored by people around him
  • became a preacher of repentance

3. Isaac

  • became a man of prayer
  • heard the voice of God
  • increased in wealth in the presence of his enemies

4. Jesus

  • grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man
  • was taught the Old Testament scriptures by His Father and exceeded the scholars of His day in understanding

These are just a few blessings that came on these children that were given as firstfruit offerings. I hope that you will claim them for your own children as you  give them back to the Lord.