I would like to highlight the honor that God gave to the priests under the law in order to show us how God sees His servants:

  • He set them apart for His service and placed the oil of anointing upon them, symbolizing that His presence was on them. They could not leave the tabernacle and mix with the people in the camp during their course of duty because the crown of anointing oil. God’s use of the word crown revealed that He equated the priests with  royalty, even as He does to the saints in Christ Jesus (Lev 8 :30; Lev 21: 12)
  • God provided for the needs of the priests with a comprehensive plan that included city,  house and duty allowances of offerings and tithes etc (Numbers 35; Deut 14) They never lacked.
  • They were so highly honored that they were commanded to take particular portions of the sacrifices for themselves and their families (Lev 10: 14; Deut 18: 1-3). God shared His stuff with them. Can you imagine Him preparing His table and giving them the best?
  • Their priestly robes were elaborate  and beautiful garments. The High Priest’s robes were encrusted with jewelry symbolic of his authority in the heavenly realm (Ex 28).
  •  https://pppministries.wordpress.com/2007/01/09/satan-the-spirit-of-tyrus/  for more on the symbolism of the High Priest’s robe.
  • The priests served in the temple, living in the presence of the Lord.  Service to the Lord was and is a high calling. God demonstrated this in the Old Testament as the priests stood between Him and the people, their offering of the sacrifices symbolizing worship and  intercessions.
  • The Priest’s power to turn away God’s wrath from the people and stop His    plagues represented  his authority in the heavens (Num 16; Num 25).

I hope that this is an encouragement to readers. Blessings!