It is interesting to note that the Jewish believers in the early church were able to transfer the principles of the law to the new covenant. Actually, Jesus set the example in His ministry since He had a money bag and gave to the poor. The book of Acts showed that the early disciples were so full of love that they exceeded the requirements of the law in giving:

  • they sold all their possessions such as land and houses and other goods and divided the profits to those who were in need (Acts 2: 45; Acts 4: 34-35).
  • Brother Joses Barnabas was a  Levite in the early church who changed the order of giving by also selling land and giving it to the Apostles. This was documented since it was significant. Brother Joses Barnabas was given land as inheritance in Israel and was one to whom the gifts and offerings would have been given under the law. The Law of the life of the spirit in Christ brought in a new day (Acts 4: 36-37).
  • God punished Ananias and his wife for trying to defraud the apostles by lying about the amount of money that they had sold their property for.
  • The care of widows in the law was transferred to the care of the widows in the early church. Under the law, the Jews were commanded to give a three year tithe that would provide for the needs of the Levite, stranger, fatherless and the widow (Deut 14: 28, 29).
  • The Apostles did not appear to lack anything in the early church. Peter and the others attended to the word and prayer and their needs were taken care of.

Should we give to ministers of the gospel? See 1 Corinthians 9. Blessings until