Abraham de Villiers wrote a comment which led me back to search for more on the firstfruit offering:

Thank you for this teaching.
How much was the first-fruit?


Abraham de Villiers

In my new search, I found two  Hebrew words to define first fruits. They are:

  1. bikkuwr- the first of the crops that were ripened and offered at Pentecost (Ex 23: 16, 19; 34: 22)
  2. reshiyth – the best, choice, first, chief of the crops, which I had written about previously.

The question asked about the quantity of the first fruit.

A. All of the firstfruit was given

Based on Ex 22: 29-30, this consisted of all of the first fruits that were harvested. God told the Jews to give  the:

… the first of thy ripe fruits, and of thy liquors: the firstborn of thy sons…

Likewise shalt thou do with thine oxen, and with thy sheep: seven days it shall be with his dam; on the eighth day thou shalt give it me. 

The words “the first of thy ripe fruits,” is translated in the Hebrew as m@le’ah which means  the full produce or abundance of the crops and juices of olives and grapes. This is furthermore reinforced by the the use of the similie “likewise”at the beginning of verse 30, which indicates to us that the firstfruit offering consisted of  ALL and not just a part.

I will also search to discover the amount that was given at the feasts, but generally the priests were well taken care of. Blessings and thanks Abraham.