I’m back after a very long break and glad to be here again at my post. I thought that I’d write on this topic since the terms “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” have been misunderstood. These terms are actually titles that are ascribed and I will use Jesus as an illustration.

1. He is called “Father”

a. Isaiah called Him “Father” when speaking prophetically about His birth in Isa 9: 6. He said that the Son who would be born would be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

b. He is called Father because He is the Originator of all things. He is called  the Father of Lights  (James 1: 17) and the Father of  spirits (Heb 12: 9). The term “Father of spirits” points to His role in creation when God breathed into man who then became a living soul. John said that He was present in the beginning and that He made all things.

c. Daniel called Him the “Ancient of Days” in Dan 7: 9.  He described the Lord as wearing a garment white as snow and having hair like pure wool. This description parallels that giving by john in Rev 1: 13, 14 when he saw the Lord with eyes like flames of fire and having hairs white like wool. If my memory serves me correctly, these are one of the few descriptions given in scripture about any member of the God family.

Again, the words everlasting and Ancient of Days combine to paint the picture that He is God with no beginning and no end.

Blessings. Next time, more on Jesus is the Son.