Greetings. Yesterday I began to show the following truths from Genesis 18:

  • The word God refers to three persons who carry the name LORD.
  • The word God refers to three persons under one name. As a result they refer to themselves in the singular, so that one speaks for all. This is a critical biblical truth, since God emphasises that the Lord is One God.

Let us look at the picture in Genesis 18 that show that God= three persons with ONE NAME

  1. Abraham knew them from previous visits and addressed them in the singular, “my Lord”, rather than “my Lords” (Gen 18: 3). He did this because they were in complete agreement with each other at all times and he did not need to address each individually.
  2. In response to Abraham’s invitation to have a meal, the three men in the God family spoke with agreement, accepting his invitation (Gen 18: 5).

There are more tidbits in Gen 18 in relation to this truth about the UNITY of God. I hope you can find them. Have a blessed day. Until!