Biblical accounts clearly show that the sin of homosexuality is associated with:

  • great sorrow to the degree that it causes a cry in the earth. I will not discuss any real life events, but can you picture the “intended rape” of the two members of the God family by a large community of men?   This is a merciless and heartless spirit that will take what it wants without remorse or consideration for the rights of others. If these were humans, they would have been mauled and eventually would have died in the onslaught.
  •  it is a perverse spirit. Genesis 19 shows that Lot pleaded with the men of the city to spare the men and to take his virgin daughters. These men were so depraved that they threatened to  rape Lot after they had finished with the men. Paul describes them aptly in Romans 1.
  • It is a spirit of terror. In the events of Gen 19, we see threats issued that will strike fear into any heart. The men of Sodom intended to do harm to strangers who had entered their city.
  • It is a spirit of blindness. The men of the city were so disrespectful to other humans that they did not even recognize the presence of the Creator. This is why they were struck with literal blindness. They brought eternal and sure damnation upon themselves as a result of their sins

Next posts – other biblical  writers on the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah show that their sin was sexual and not just a disregard for hospitality as some writers claim. Blessings