Yesterday I began to write a new understanding about Apostles that the Lord showed to me. That is, the Apostle is the highest level of leadership and authority in the church.  He continued to speak to me at 7.30 am on Monday 19th January as follows:

Jesus called the disciples then named them Apostles (not lay people). He then trained them in the Apostolic ministry. Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists and Prophets are to grow up into the ministry of the Apostle.

The Apostle is a seasoned Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist and Prophet and can therefore function in and train others to f ill any of these roles, like Chief Apostle Jesus (see previous posts on Apostles for scriptural evidence).

The Apostles in the early church headed it with great power, wisdom and understanding. They produced elders like Evangelist Stephen  (a martyr and full of faith and power); Evangelist Phillip and his daughters who were prophetesses, Pastor Barnabas and many others.

The Apostle is a Pastor of pastors, Prophet of prophets (like Samuel the father of the prophets), an Evangelist of evangelists, a Teacher of teachers.

He/she has acquired knowledge that is beyond seasons, times and traditions. The wisdom and fullness of God is in him/her, the fear of God, understanding, counsel, might, discernment, righteousness and faithfulness. The Apostle does not mess about with sin and lives a holy life separate from the world.

The Apostle has a higher call of consecration, fasting and prayer, dedication and giving.

 Let us therefore pray that we will come to even greater understanding of the call of God for His church. Blessings and have a great day.