You would have thought that Pharaoh had had enough disaster. All the firstborn, including his son, were dead. He called for Moses and told him to leave and leave Egypt NOW! Yet hours or days later, after maybe burying his son, he  decided to take his army and pursue  Moses and the Israelites. He needed vengeance.

Pharaoh smelled success. The Jews were ahead of them. He came up on them as they walked through a highway. He was too ibtent on the pursuit  to notice the walls of water. His Chief General tried to get his attention: “Boss, there’s water on each side of us”. Pharaoh shook off his hand, shouting furiously, ” get the men moving. There will be a reward of one thousand gold coins for the heads of Moses and Aaron”.

He whipped up his horses. His chariots appeared to be gaining on the multitude ahead. Some of his men  quietly deserted, remembering the atrocities committed by Moses’ God.  Eyes glazed, breath steaming, Pharaoh advanced rapidly. He heard a strange rumbling noise and felt his chariot wobbling strangely. He cursed and called his gods for help.

His Chief General appeared- “Boss, the walls are falling in”. As if in a dream, Pharaoh heard him repeating the words. “Get some of the men to form a barrier,” he commanded. “But Boss, it’s water!” For the first time, Pharaoh realized his predicament and turned his chariot.  Rather, he tried to turn it around. Too late, the wheels had just fallen off. Looking around, he saw the pile up of chariots, men and horses – the sweating, wailing horses sensing their destruction.

Looking up to the sky, he cursed Moses’ God and shot his fist upward in defiance, then the waters of the Red Sea swiftly advanced and covered him and his army.

On the other side, there was dancing and celebration as the Jews rejoiced in  their mighty deliverance from their enemy.