To bind is to arrest demonic activity

Jesus quoted these words to His disciples when He spoke to them saying:

 “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven“ (Mt 16:19).

Jesus used the Greek word “deo“ when he spoke of binding. Deo means:

 “to bind, fasten with chains, to throw into chains” … to forbid, prohibit, declare to be illicit.”

In other words, when a believer binds something, he/she thtows it into chains and also arrests its function.


What are the keys of the Kingdom?

When Jesus said that He had given the disciples the keys of the kingdom, He used the word kleis”,  which denotes that He has given us the power to open and shut. In other words,  this authority has been delegated to all believers and we should use it in the earth.


Principles of binding and loosing

Jesus’ words to the disciples also indicate that:

  • there is an agreement between heaven and earth when action is taken by the believer on earth to either bind or loose.
  • that heaven is our headquarters. We operate the principles of binding and loosing in the context that God allows. We need therefore to know the principles that we must apply in binding and loosing in order to be effective.

Here are some other principles that we can use as guidelines in binding and loosing:

1. God has already passed sentence in heaven that we must agree with – power of agreement with God’s decrees.

Scriptures teach us that the word of God is forever settled in the heavens. That means that God will keep every promise that He makes. According to Paul, when God swore to bless Abraham, He could not sware by any other so He swore by Himself (Heb 6:13). This actually means that the three members of the God family came into agreement about the promise made to Abraham. There was no other one (s) greater in heaven and earth by whom they could sware.

2.  There is power of agreement  in the earth – with other believers

As I wrote previously, the members of the God family act in unison against the devil and his demons. Moses told Israel that one person would chase 1000 enemies and two would put 10,000 to flight. Combined forces of two people will chase 10 times more enemies.

In following up on this truth, Jesus told the disciples that God would answer prayer if two of them would agree or pray on earth about anything:

  • Jehoshaphat and the Israelites combined forces to sing and praise their way to deliverance and their enemies killed each other.
  • Paul and Silas in jail broke up the foundation of the prison and loosed the prisoners’ bonds. This was just a reflection of the shaking of the foundations of hell.

Scriptures are full of numerous examples. If you are praying about a situation that will not resolve, you need to come into agreement with another believer who will help you to free them from the situation through the power of God.


We know that satan has already been thrown out of heaven and that he has no place there. Jesus told the disciples that satan had been thrown out of heaven with such force that he looked that bolts of lightening. Satan has no authority over the believer because he has been thrown out of our face.

Remember that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Satan therefore already been placed in a position in which he has to obey us and submit to our authority. When we are binding the devil and his demons, we need to exercise our authority over them based on scriptures and conquer him in the name of Jesus.