In addition to overcoming satan with the word of God, we also overcome by the blood of the Lamb (Rev 12: 11a). In the Garden of Eden, the blood of animals served as Adam and Eve’s protection and covering from the wrath of God. We know from scriptures that animal sacrifices were subsequently offered by those who loved God as an act of worship (as in Abel) and repentance (as Noah showed in Genesis 8). Genesis 8 shows that Noah’s sacrifice so pleased God that He vowed never again to destroy all flesh with a flood (He has fire waiting for the disobedient though).

The blood of the lambs covered and protected the Jews in Egypt from the death angel. Therefore, the blood symbolizes protection, covering and God’s favor. Jesus’ blood was the ultimate sacrifice that covers all believers from God’s wrath and protects us from satanic attack. When we plead the blood, we are applying it to our homes, lives etc just as God did in Eden and just as the Jews did for protection from the death angel. Satan and his demons are repelled by the blood. When God is judging nations, the blood will protect those who fear Him. We must be careful to live righteous and pleasing to God in order to maintain this protection. This is a higher place of living and we should not move out from the blood covering.

I would encourage anyone who truly believes to use this wonderful coverage on a daily basis. It works. You can pray something like this: Father, I thank you that those who dwell in your presence and therefore am covered by you. Thank you for the angels of the Lord who encamp around those who fear you. Therefore, no evil will befall me or my family. No plague will come near my dwelling, my work place, school vehicle. I thank you for the angels who are assigned to protect me from all harm. Father, I entrust my life into your hands. I plead the blood of Jesus over (NAME IT). Thank you for confirming your word with signs, in Jesus’ name Amen. Blessings and have a great day!