I spent quite a bit of the previous post dealing with the teaching relating to Jesus’ birth in the flesh.  Jesus told us that it is imperative – we must be born again. He chose to experience a human birth in order to come into the earth as a Child. He entered Mary’s womb by the power of God. This is a mystery. What are the parallels?

  1. In order for us to see and enter the Kingdom of God which is above, we must have a new spiritual birth and transformation through the influence of the Holy Power of God.
  2. Jesus’ conception was not of  human  origin. In the same way, our spirits are reborn by the Holy Ghost.
  3. God calls us holy from the moment that we are reborn, just as the unborn Christ was called “that Holy Thing” in Mary’s womb. 
  4. The Holy Ghost enters the “womb” of our spirit, and overshadows our spirits.
  5. The transfiguration on the Mount shows that when God overshadows us, (episkiazō),  the new spirit is totally covered, surrounded and hid in the presence of God. God radiates His light into our new spirits as a means of identification and recognition. This is because His spirit is light  and not dark.
  6. Just as Jesus was transformed into light as He fellow-shipped with God in heaven, the new born spirit then becomes light, because “God is light and in Him  is no darkness at all” (1 John 1: 5).
  7. The new born spirit then reflects the characteristics of the kingdom of Light. Jesus said of that experience:

I am the lightof the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life  (John 8: 12).

The newborn spirit will reflect the light of God and therefore produce the same Light that is in God. That newborn will therefore:

  • fellowship with believers and not unbelievers who are like the chaff or ashes which are driven away with the wind (1 Jn 1: 7)
  • experience continuous makeover of the spirit by cleansing applied through the blood of Jesus (1 Jn 1: 7).
  • love others (1 Jn 2: 9, 10)

These are just a few fringe benefits of the spiritual rebirth through the power of God.

Blessings and more to come!