I’ve been writing about the lusts of other things that enter into the human spirit and choke the word. We need to pay attention because this is the teaching of the Lord Himself:

“the lusts  of  other things  entering in, choke   the word and it becometh unfruitful” (Mk 4: 19).

I came up with compelling truths during a  word search  on Epithymia, the Greek word used by the Lord Jesus for lusts. Jesus taught us that lusts are the devil’s brain child. He also said that those who permit lusts to enter their spirits are the devil’s children. 

In the previous post I spoke about the   usage of the word and will complete the findings today.   What are the “other things” that are revealed in scripture when the word Epithymia is used?

  • Apostle Paul exhorted Timothy to “flee also youthful lusts: but  follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with  them that call on  the Lord out of  a pure heart” (2 Tim 2: 22). His writings indicate that there are lusts are a problem for young people.  We know that the raging hormones of youth can lead young people into all kinds of unlawful sexual and immoral behavior (unlawful in the eyes of the Lord). The Apostle also identified the virtues that oppose lusts. We know that   there are many social pressures that encourage youths to live a lustful lifestyle.  For example, these are portrayed in the immoral influences of music, reality shows, College breaks such as spring break  partying, carnivals etc.
  • In 2 Tim 3: 6, Apostle Paul warned about false teachers who will enter  the homes of silly women and captivate them with various  kinds of lusts, indicating that an individual can  be possessed by more than one lust. Sadly, religious teachers can entice and exploit women in order to fulfull their own lusts.
  • Apostle Paul warned us that people will forsake right scriptural teaching, but will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever they want to hear (2 Tim 4: 3). This is why there are so called churches for homosexuals, ordaination of homosexual preachers etc, marriage of same sexes etc.These are just  examples.
  • Lusts are ungodly and worldly and contrary to the kingdom of heaven (Titus 2: 12).
  • Scriptures reveal that those who live in lusts are foolish, disobedient and deceived. For example,  the lusts of malice, envy, hatefulness , [and] hating one another are contrary to the way of  God (Titus 3: 3; 1 Pet 1: 14).
  • Apostle James spoke of the process by which an individual allows lusts to enter the spirit – he/she  is enticed (baited is the greek meaning) or tempted(tested maliciously is the Greek meaning), deceived and drawn away.   Sin and death  result when lust has been conceived or put into action (James 1: 14, 15) .The temptation of Eve is a classic example. However, Jesus showed us in the  temptation in the wilderness that we can overcome  lusts  by abiding in the word of God, rebuking the devil and by desiring to do the will of God.


Lusts are contrary to the way of God, whether they are in the flesh, actions or thoughts. Those who live to please  God  will exhibit the fruit of God in their lives rather than the lusts of the  devil. Jesus taught that if the believer allows lusts to enter in, these lusts will choke the word, causing the believer to become unfruitful and die spiritually.

Do you prefer to  live a lifestyle of lust and die spiritually, eternally separated from God? The choice is yours. If you live to please God you will live. Blessings!