Jesus told Nicodemus that each human needs a rebirth of the spirit or inner person (called heart, inner man etc)  when He said , “except a man be born again, he cannot see (Eidon/G1492/perceive/discern, envision, or understand) the kingdom of God” (Jn 3: 3).  On December 14th, I was asked to read Genesis  and the Lord started to teach me the reason why we need to be born again, using Adam’s sons as examples. I saw an astounding truth that I had read, but had never paid attention to:

a. Adam was created in the image and likeness of God, but Seth was born in the likeness and image of Adam

There is a deviation from God’s plan that all humans would be born in His exact likeness and image.  While Adam and Eve were created in the image and likeness  of God, Seth was born in Adam’s likeness and image  (Gen 1: 26-27; 5: 1,2).    What went wrong with Adam?  Here are some important things that we learn from Genesis 5: 2 which says that Seth was born in the likeness and image of Adam.

1. There is a law of omission

Huh?!!!! Yes. Cain and Abel were omitted from Genesis 5, which is described as Adam’s family tree. Seth is highlighted as if he was Adam’s first son. Is there a major problem?

We learnt from Genesis 5: that all humans were created in the likeness and image of their parents.  We knew that Adam and Eve had sinned and that they showed evidence of this sin (more on this later)

Seth is therefore given as an explanation for Cain, who was omitted from Adam’s family tree in Genesis 5. Why was Cain omitted as if he had never been born? Well Genesis 4 showed us that he was Adam’s first son, a murderer, having killed his only brother. God had put him out of the place where He apparently visited the Adam family.

First son Cain revealed some important behaviours,  which are really proof that he too had been born in the likeness and image of Adam:

  • he had inherited a  presumptious spirit, believing that an offering of his and not God’s choice,  would please God.  This was the behavior of his father Adam who experimented with the devil’s offer, although he knew the devil had deceived Eve (1 Timothy 2: 14).  Did Adam really believe that God would overlook their sin because two, not one had rebelled?
  • Why was God  pleased with Abel’s offering? Abel had offered a sacrifice from the FIRSTFRUIT of his flocks.  This symbolized repentance of his sins  and a request for pardon. Therefore, he had obeyed the instructions of his parents who had taught him that God had shown them that a sacrifice was the way to atone for sins.  This prophetically spoke to the sacrifice of Jesus, God’s firstfruit offering.  Only the blood of Jesus will save.
  • Cain became overcome with depression (his countenance fell) then became envious that  God had  accepted Abel’s offering. It seemed that Abel had become the ruler of his brother by his obedience (Gen 4: 7). That irked Cain tremendously.
  • As I read Genesis 4: 6-7, I saw at this moment that I am typing, that God had lovingly given Cain the opportunity to correct his fault and to rule over his brother.  Cain refused to listen to the God’s correction, choosing instead to kill Abel in anger.
  • Cain is therefore revealed as having a  haughty spirit, choosing what the scripture called ” the way of Cain” by refusing the correction of the Lord. Well, well, well! What did Cain know?
  • The Lord rushed to confront him after the murder, asking for Abel. Like his parents, he lied and covered his sin, showing a deep disrespect for the Lord in the way that he replied, “I know not. Am I my brother’s keeper?”
  • Cain had become uncaring about the death of his brother, seeing it as a means to get the challenger or God’s favorite out of his way.
  • Sin always results in separation from God’s presence and favor and also incurs wrath and death.  God still loved Cain and protected him from his siblings’ vengeance by covering him  with a mark. Note that later, He had to change this ruling after the flood because humans had become totally uncaring about others’ lives and were killing other people  so mercilessly that the earth became polluted with blood (Gen 6: 13, Gen 9: 4-6).  This speaks to issues of vengeance for murder, legally known as capital punishment.

2. Here is a major problem. The seed of sin in Adam brought forth multiple fruit in his son Cain.

Cain sinned by choice. Conversely, his brother Seth, who chose to serve God,  taught the fear of  God to his offspring. This is revealed in Gen 4: 25-26. Cain, the black sheep of the family, was omitted from its family tree and treated as if he was not a son of Adam.  We too, are omitted from God’s family tree and treated like outcasts when we sin.

This sounds harsh, but the scripture teaches us that only those whose names are found in the Book of Life/God’s family tree, will inherit eternal life (Gen 20: 12).

Now, Cain and his descendants are still accounted for in the scriptures. After he went forth from the presence of the Lord (Gen 4: 16), he bore children and had his own family tree. However, he had no direct, face to face contact with the Lord and even his own family. This is the picture of those who are not regenerated.

Even after his rebellion, Cain was able to speak with the Lord face to face. However, God had to deny him this privelege because he lacked remorse for the death of his brother. He had hardened his heart.

I will end here and continue later. Blessings