1. Important Hebrew words show that the earth is NEW

Scriptures indicate that God created a NEW earth. We are not living in a left over product from a previous human existence.

Genesis 1: 1 indicates that God created the heaven and the earth in the beginning.   Beginning comes from the Hebrew word re’shiyth (H7225). The use of re’shiyth indicates that our earth was a NEW structure and the first of a kind. For example,

  • the beginning of the kingdom of Babel (Genesis 10: 10) indicates that the Kingdom of Babel had a start date and time
  • the first of the firstfruits (Exodus 23: 19)
  • the beginning of  the year or the first day (Deuteronomy 11: 12)
  • firstfruits or the very first of the crops (Deut 26: 10)

Additionally, bara’ (H1254) the verb used for created, indicates that God made the heaven and the earth.

Earth was without form (tohuw), a desolate, a wilderness. empty and also covered under water. It seems that there is no apparent description of the creation of the structure of the earth in Genesis 1.  This gap leaves many of us to wonder if the earth in which we live was in existence from a previous creation that had been destroyed in a flood.

2.  I believe that the earth in which we live was created “in the beginning”.  I do not believe that it was left over from some previous human existence:

  • God told us that He created the heaven and the earth in the beginning. It is important to note the linking of the creation of heaven and earth in Genesis 1: 1. This linking  reveals that they were created in the same, rather than separate creation events.
  • Although God did not provide a description of the creation of the earth’s land mass in Genesis 1, He told us about the finished product. The earth was covered under water. This is the picture of the earth in a womb, with the water representing the protective amniotic fluid.
  • Was the circular earth already rotating on its axis from day 1? Did God command it to  turn while under water?  Prophet Isaiah spoke of Days 1 & 2 of the earth’s creation, causing us to understand that the earth was circular from its inception. (Isaiah 40: 21 & 22)

3.  God subsequently revealed details about the creation of His earth:

a. He was the Architect of  the carefully designed Earth – He built it like a house, measured its dimensions, marked out and laid its  foundation, gave it columns and a cornerstone, mountains and hills – then  enclosed it in a dark womb of water (Job 38; Psalm 24: 2; Psalm 102: 25; Psalm 104; Proverbs 8: 25 & 29).

Prophet Isaiah also said that as God built the earth’s structure to a predetermined blueprint, He carefully:

“measured out the waters in the hollow of his hand … carefully measured the sky … carefully weighed the soil of the earth … weighed the mountains in a balance (and) the hills on scales (Isaiah 40: 12)