A. Introduction

Yesterday I wrote that while Jesus lived on earth, He not only wore a body of flesh, but  lived in the world system in order to experience life as a  human being.  At 5am this morning, Chief Prince Michael instructed me to write on the topic captioned.   Apart from having been tempted unsuccessfully  by the devil (most of us succumb at times), Jesus   had  all of the  human experiences. Here are five examples:

1. He had social, family and religious demands.  For example, He attended weddings and was frequently a guest at the home of  people who invited him to  dine with them.  He also spent time visiting the home of his friends such as Peter, Lazarus, Mary and Martha.  His family would visit Him when He was on preaching assignments, seeking fellowship (Mk 3: 32-35) and He kept the Jewish religious feasts.

2. Prior to entering His ministry full-time, Jesus worked as a carpenter with Joseph (Mt 13: 55; Mark 6: 3)

3. Jesus had friends who thought that He had gone crazy when He started His ministry and ordained the twelve disciples at its onset  (Mk 3: 13-21).  This is what apostle Mark reported:

                                     And when his friends heard [of it], they went out to lay hold on him:

                                     for they said, He is beside himself.          

I can only imagine the bedlam at the scene as Jesus’ friends tried to take Him back home by force and the disciples’ response  to this attack.  Hearing of His actions in ordaining disciples and preaching, even His family came to dissuade Him (Mark 3)

4. Jesus was also persecuted by the religious order of the day and was disrespected by the people of His community  to such a degree that He could not work miracles in His hometown (Mt 13: 53-58).  He was eventually killed for teaching that He was the Son of God.

5. Jesus was required to pay taxes, but refused to take the money from His treasury, sending Peter instead to get it from a fish (Mt 17: 24-27).

There are many, many more examples in scriptures which show that Jesus experienced what humans undergo. For example, He became hungry, thirsty, astonished, grieved, angry etc.

B. Why did Jesus experience the human situation?

As God, Jesus knew no sin and  could not be tempted by it. He did not lack anything. The book of Hebrews explains why God became a man:

  • He suffered  so He could become the Captain of our salvation/show us how to overcome (Heb 2: 10)
  • He became human to show us how to overcome the power of satan, sin and death (Heb 2: 14, 15)
  • He became our heavenly High Priest, able to intercede for us because He knows exactly what we suffer (Heb 2: 16-18)

These are a few of the reasons, but I am grateful that He was not standoffish, but came to show us how to overcome the world systems and the devil, so that we could live victorious lives.

Thanks Chief Prince Michael. Blessings and have a great day!