1. First fruit offerings attracted the most traffic to the blog

This is the response that I recently gave to Tony’s  query:

Congrats on your new venture. You are blessed to succeed. This response may help, but I would suggest that it depends on your faith and obedience. Keep the principle fixed in your mind and that would help:

The first fruit offering represented the FIRST and BEST of something to be given to God. I use blueletterbible.org to help me understand bible truths. Go to this site and search using the words “first”, “firstling”, “firstlings”, “firstfruit”, “firstfruits”. This will give you an idea of the truth. For example, Abel offered the firstlings of the flock to God . These were the FIRST animals that were born and also the unblemished ones (Gen 4: 4). His offering pleased God.

Practical applications include giving:

* the first hour of your day to worship, pray and study the bible
* first child to God for full time service, like Hannah did with Prophet Samuel
* first weeks salary in the first month of the year OR
* first month’s salary of the entire year
* ALL of the first sale, first week’s sale, first month’s sale as you said

The possibilities are endless and it all depends on your faith. Keep in mind too, that the first fruit offering was a very special offering and not done as regularly as a tithe. The first fruit is like the repayment to God, your business partner, while the tithe is a maintenance offering (like a tip) for security purposes. LOL

Mercedes  https://pppministries.wordpress.com/2008/03/07/the-firstfruit…-the-recipient/

2. More explanation on the firstfruit offering

The Jews gave many kinds of firstfruit offerings.  For example, the first and best of the crops of each harvest was taken to the temple. The priests would wave a sample to God, as in “thanks Father, look at how wonderful this harvest is”.   This offering was then used to take care of the full time ministers.

The firstfruit offering can be compared to a deposit into a company in which you hold shares.  God is the CEO and major shareholder of the Kingdom of the Earth, Inc and He gives us the strength and power to accrue wealth. Ours firstfruit offerings represent a return on His investment.   

3. Two real applications of the firstfruit offering  

Hannah, who had previously been infertile, gave her firstborn son Samuel to the Lord, taking him to the temple at a very early age to become a minister. In the Jewish culture, the ministers were taken from the tribe of Levi. Hannah broke the tradition  because she was from the Benjamin line.  God rewarded her by giving her seven other children.

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