1. I received an outpouring of new understanding about a puzzle because I gave a firstfruit  offering of  TIME  to God

Forgive me for digressing somewhat from “The Glory”, but I wanted to share this testimony. On Thursday 28th January, 2009, I submitted a post on Firstfruit Offerings  at about 12.30 am EST. I had not planned to do so since I was very tired. However, I felt pressed to do so. 

On awakening on Friday morning, the Lord started to pour out some understandings that I had longed to have for a few years.  In fact, the information was so profuse that I don’t think that I have slept more than five hours since early Friday morning.  I believe that I got this because I gave the  firstfruit offering of time to God.

2. I am a firstfruit offering

I also wanted to share that my mother told me at twelve  that she had given me to the Lord before I was born. I felt something leap  inside  me when I heard those words at age twelve. I am her firstborn child and she told me that during the pregnancy, she would sing and praise God and would feel the anointing/Presence of God.  My other siblings were also given to the Lord, but there is something special about being a firstfruit offering to the Lord.

This has made such a tremendous impact on me. God loves to get the first of  anything. He told the Jews that all the firstborn belonged to Him.  Every Jew who was not a Levite was commanded to give a sacrifice  in exchange for the firstborn son in the family.  In this way, the Jews were branded as the Lord’s.

3. Jesus is God’s firstfruit offering

I’ve written on this before. God gave  His best offering so that others could enter His family

4. Give God your firstfruit to get His best

It is really a blessing to give God the first of your whatever.  I can assure you that you will see Him pour out such an abundant return that you will not be able to hold it. Blessings – you are destined to prosper.