1. Deeper dimensions of spiritual cleansing

The Lord showed me that I had omitted the deeper dimensions of  spiritual cleansing taught in Levitius 8 & 9 and  impressed on me to write this new series which began in a previous post.  I will write about:

  • Deeper principles of cleansing
  • The initiation and transmission of  postive  and negative patterns of  spiritual inheritance ( righteousness, sin, blessings and curses).
  • Patterns of blessings and curses in specific generations or individuals, families and  nations
  • Spiritual cleansing of families
  • Spiritual Cleansing of  nations  – applied St. Vincent and the Grenadines, United States of America, Israel
  • Parallels between St Vincent and the Grenadines and the United States of America
  • Other

2. The effects of spiritual  cleansing are multi – dimensional and are important for the glory of God

 God told Moses that  that He will only reveal His glory after cleansing of the spirit takes place.  I wrote previously  that  dimensions of God’s  glory  include  His visible Presence; direct visits from God to people;  miracles;  manifestation of light in the faces of His people;  judgement on sin and sinners, visible signs and wonders such as the Fire and Cloud of God and  increased revelation of knowlege

3. The revelation of the glory of God is also important for the revelation of knowledge in earth.

Scriptures show that the former Jewish slaves were imparted with the ability to create intricate designs through the Spirit of Knowlege, Wisdom and Understanding,  who is the Spirit of God.  They received this information only after  they had come out of bondage in Egypt and became fully available to accomplish God’s purpose. God’s purpose and intent are  that all people of the Earth should worship Him.  Psalm 67  teaches that there is increase in Earth when  God is worshipped. This increase relates to productivity, fruitfulness in every sphere. The revelation of knowledge is designed to accomplish the purpose of  God in the Earth – preaching of  His Word/Mind and  His worship and praise. The Church must therefore harness the technological advances given to help His Kingdom or Rule to advance in nations.

However, God is absolutely and pure Light and will not dwell in sin. Just as a plant grows in the presence of Light, the earth needs the shining forth of the Glory of God for any kind of revelation to take place. This includes technological advances, knowledge, scientific discoveries etc. The glory of God is revealed through the preaching of the gospel and the growth in revelation in the Body of Christ shines light into the people of earth who in turn make new discoveries.

4. The revelation of the Knowledge of  God is proportional to the degree of spiritual revelation in the Church/how well is the Church delving into God’s mind?

The church is responsible for the transfer of the knowledge of God in the earth. The principle is found in the statement – “the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost”.  The Holy Ghost, a term referring to the truth that God is a Spiritual Being,  abides in the believer, teaching us His ways and diffusing  love, righteousness  and other virtues of God out of us.   He also downloads to the  data base in our spirit the information that is in His Data Base.  You will find this in 1 Corinthians 2, where Apostle Paul spoke about the Internet.  This is a mystery, but just as the Internet has a language called HTML, God has a spiritual/heavenly language or HTML called TONGUES.  HTML is a mystery, but if you can read and write  it, you can write all kinds of complex software.  If  you can speak and interpret tongues, you can make all kinds of discoveries about God, about knowledge in the Earth to name a few. I can go on comparing the Internet to the ways in which God reveals knowledge  to the believer and you will see how inexhaustive the discussion will become.

Moreover, God is a good God. People are His sheep, created to be  like Him.  He wants earth to be a  fruitful, progressive place. He will therefore reveal information  that is unknown or build new insights into previously held knowledge.  For example, although he was a prodigal, Cain’s sons became  inventors because he had the gifts of God in him. Apostle Paul said that the gifts of God are not taken  away.  That is why satan is still a musical genius. As it relates to man, we would become zombies if God takes the gifts of  creativity etc out of us. Here’s another example, the design for the first Titanic was given to Noah by God.  He built it in faith, because he was obedient and knew that God was absolutely trustworthy.

However, revelation of knowledge in Earth is hindered by spiritual darkness.

Think about the state of the church and society in the “Dark Ages”, for example. This symbolized a time of darkness. The reflection of earth is one in which people were basically in the dark about God.  For example, their hygenic practices were atrocious and plagues abounded.  They would have known simple principles of Public Health and hygene if they had been reading the Word of  God. In the  times of  Christopher Columbus they said that the world was flat??  Heloooo??  Prophet Isaiah had already said that the earth was a circle.  Did any one have the technology in his time? Maybe not, but God showed it to him. 

We  can now match the growth of  knowledge in the 18th and 19th centuries with the degree of knowledge of the Word of God through preaching and see that knowledge increased proportionately to the preaching of the gospel. In the 1930s, man was touching heaven through the revelation of God in the earth through His visitation which was manifested in miracles, signs and wonders. God had raised up men such as Apostle Oral Roberts and others as early by the 1930s to enlighten the nations. The United States touched the moon in 1969 as a result. 

Jesus  taught the Principle or Law of Exchange in many ways, encapsulating the truth that whatever we do on earth for God will be matched in heaven (LIKE A $401K).  If we tell people about God, He will tell us about Himself.  In other  words God, there is an exchange program between heaven and earth which brings earth to heaven and heaven to earth. For example:

  • Give and it will be given to you in abundance
  • If you give up everything to preach His Word, He will give it back to you
  • If you bind the devil on earth in Jesus’ name, God  will bind him in heaven/stand by your authority (No complaints or appeals are allowed from the devil).  

Blessings!!!  The truth is that the believer holds the key to the Knowledge of God. The earth becomes enlightened as the truth of God is published to its people.