1. Scripture teaches that God dwells in heaven and His Kingdom rules over all the earth:

  • The earth and its people belong to Him .He rules
  • God’s rule or kingdom is called – kingdom of light; kingdom of His dear Son; Kingdom of heaven (place  from  which He rules); Kingdom of God (who rules in heaven); His coming Kingdom.
  • He rules in earth by putting the ways, truth and power of His kingdom in obedient children/people who advance God in earth or make it more like heaven.
  • The kingdom of God/heaven has been beautifully illustrated from Genesis to Revelation
  • Jesus taught us the nature of His Kingdom/Kingdom of God/Kingdom of heaven through  secret stories/parables; by demonstrating His authority over demons; by His ultimate defeat of satan so that he won the war on terror; His victorious resurrection;  His ascencion;
  • He wants us to match Him and placed us in a position to do so (we rule with Him in the heavenly places) and continuous revelations or upgrades on how to fight the war in every era/millenium
  • God’s eternal plan is that man should behave exactly like Him in Earth and live by His ways.
  • He made us after the angels (a little lower than the angels/angels were created 1st and man 2nd)  and crowned us with the same glory that is on Him
  • God’s glory or kabowd  is the same glory that He put on man, according to Psalm 8: 5
  •  Therefore, a God – like human produces a spirit like God – righteousness etc, creativity etc.
  • A God – like human rules earth, producing fruitfulness in the Word of God, multiplying children and people like God; replenishes the earth and is in dominion over satan and earth creatures.  There are other applications related to technology, science etc.
  • A God – like human puts satan in his place and resists the advances of his rule through people, theft of God’s good technology; drafting legislations etc promoting righteousness; prayer; worship; preaching the Word of God … and more
  • The resistance is not by physical force, war etc but through the invisible weapons that God has given to us. Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6 and many other examples such as Moses and Pharoah; Esther; Daniel; Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego; Abraham to name a countless number.


2. Satan mimics God by setting up a kingdom. He rules also from above

  • God cast out satan from heaven when he rebelled. He was sinful and could not live there. Hell or eternal separation and punishment is now his destiny.
  • Match with Adam and Eve who were blocked from access to the tree of Life symbolizing everlasting physical life.
  • The children of disobedience or satan also inherit hell. They are sinful and cannot live with Father God.  Like Cain, who went his way, according to Apostle Peter, they are outside of God’s way.
  • Anyway, satan could not rule in heaven so he rules or tries to rule in earth. Obedient humans become subjects in his kingdom and he tells them how to act like him
  • The air is satan’s headquarters or seat or high place.
  •  His system is called “the course of this  world” (Eph 2: 2); the world; kingdom of darkness; darkness; works of the flesh; the flesh; power of darkness; power of death etc. 
  • God personally calls him names that match his character. These include serpent; beast;  prince of Tyrus; Prince of the Power of the Air;  father of lies/no truth is in him; liar from the very beginning; thief, murderer and destroyer; strongman; beelzebub (sounds like baal); false prophet; anti – god; prince of the devils; ruler of the darkness of this world; kingdom of darkness;   etc  
  • God calls his affiliates serpents and scorpions; beasts; angels that did not keep their former station or estate; demons; devils; unclean spirits etc
  • Satan exerts power through the wars or physical force; occult; false religions; tyranny; all forms of deception; control of leaders,  people and nations; attempting to set up world systems; extinguishing the name God; extinguishing the people who serve God; extinguishing the  Word of  God in any form (no prayer in schools etc); elimination of potential God fearers before they are born … and more. For example, Herod massacred children in an attempt to kill the King of the Jews. He was a beast.
  • Satan’s kingdom is called power of darkness; kingdom of darkness; power of death;
  • People, nations, rulers, systems  most like the devil and his  cohorts get to be  called by those  names as well.

Blessings…More to come!