1.  God showed me that   Saturday February 6th matched Day 6 of Creation

a. Six is the number of Adam and his descendants

  • Adam was first a sinless 6. He fell when satan appeared as an angel of  light and deceived him and Eve.  He told them they could be like gods and learn to do good and evil (occult). Match this with Ezekiel 28 which reveals the reason why satan became a prodigal angel (Never to return to fellowship,  like Cain)
  • Adam’ s race became sinful/learnt to sin.
  • Adam’s child Abel related to obedience, righteousness, the prophetic, preaching of  righteousness etc
  • Cain symbolized unrighteousness, arrogance, rebellion against God, obedience to the devil, spirit of the prodigal, murder etc

b. Jesus carries the number 6

  • Jesus is the second Adam, born on Day 6 of God’s time map. He paid the cost for the fall. He is God’s sinless man
  • Jesus is also the Head of the Church, the ruler of the Earth, the ruler of Gods’ Eternal Kingdom.
  • Jesus’ race or generation is His church, born in Day 6 of God’s calender.
  • Jesus brought forth a righteous nation, Abel  or church which was persecuted and killed by the Roman Empire,  the political beast of that era, according to Daniel. This is another story about the Beast.
  • Satan matched Jesus by producing a Cain, a rebellious church which corrupted the truth,  learnt to do iniquity and rule the earth with tyranny. Who were the religious pundits of the early century?
  • This was the religious beast of the era.

Read Revelation for the symbolisms of the beastworld rulership; power;  tyrannical rule;  mighty armies; destruction of places where God is worshipped (desolation of abomination spoken by Daniel); destruction of the fear of God in earth; persecution of the  Jews and saints; antigod systems;  anti-god laws (no prayer and bible in schools etc); anti -god policies etc;  worship of demons in the form of idols = acceptance of the occult/leaders who are powered by the occult e.g. Pharoah; all forms of evil and wickedness including sexual perversions (homosexuality was acceptable to the Greeks).

Match people, political and religious systems etc with this checklist or picture. In human history  beasts included Pharoah, Nimrod, kingdoms of the Medes and Persians/Babylonians,  Greeks, Romans, Stalin, Hitler, communism etc.

The book of Revelation is about:

  • a behind the scenes view of  heaven before time (it includes the expulsion of  satan. Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel told us why)
  • Events that  happens there in God’s tabernacle – includes worship, intercession and vengeance
  • The picture of the  saints’ worship, intercession, persecution (those under the altar)
  • God’s authority over satan
  • The picture of  satan’s people, his nations and religious systems throughout human history.
  • It shows how much satan’s  people, nations and religious systems are like their father the devil.
  • timing of events
  • and more….

c. Satan also has the number 6

  • The creeping things and beasts of the field were  created on Day 6
  • Satan is compared to beasts and creeping things.  Jesus told the Apostles that He, ruler of the Kingdom of God and of Earth,  gave them and us power to tread down or to crush  serpents and scorpions and all satan’s power.
  • Bad angel satan, also number 6, used deception to teach Adam to do iniquity or evil.
  • Ezekiel 28 says that he was perfect until the day that iniquity was found in him.
  • He taught Adam his ways. The book of  Job talks about Adam hiding iniquity in his bosom
  • Satan represents all forms of sinfulness including the occult
  • How do I know this? Cain also befriended satan. He refused to repent of his brother’s murder and went off from his family. He built cities, his descendants invented tents, musical instruments and became skilled craftsmen with iron and brass (make weapons?)
  • Seth and his descendants named some of  their children after Cain and his descendants, implying infuence.
  • The name Cain/Caainan is associated with the Caananites who were the most wicked, satanic evildoers.

d. The number Six is God’s number, but anti-god is also symbolized by the number 6

  • Thus we must interpret Revelation in this light.

Satan uses his people and systems to advance his kingdom of darkness in the earth.  God calls him the Prince of the Power of the Air. Interpreted, this means he rules from the air/airwaves/invisible places in the sky.  More to come.