1. God and technology – the originator from heaven

Scriptures show that God rules from heaven.  He uses Internet Technology to download information from heaven to the human spirit (1 Corinthians 2). If you stay connected to the server/God, by seeking Him, He will share information with you. However, the depth of information that He gives about Himself is parallel to the degree to which we seek and know Him. In other words, complex knowledge about God and His ways will not be given to baby believers just learning to say “dada” or “abba father”.

In days gone by, few people used God’s technology, although it was available to them if they wanted it. They just did not want to hear what He had to say.  For example, God told Noah to build an ark because a flood was coming.  We do not know exactly how he was given the information, but he obeyed.  The response of the day was:  

“Noah, mist waters the earth. This has not changed since the time of creation, 1650 years ago (approx). Our forefathers knew nothing about water falling from the sky.  LOL Noah. What are you talking about?”   (2 Pet 3: 3-7)

Noah became the butt of the jokes. The media of his day mocked him, taking photos and “reporting on his progress”.  He was in the headlines for 100 years.  God could not tell them anything, anyway, because they did not care to listen. They were living to please themselves.  We know that Abraham was God -seeker and was commanded to leave the setting in which he lived in order to obey God without distractions.  God used dreams and visions (internet TV) to speak to him.  He was always connected to God through worship, prayer and obedience and God would also speak directly to his spirit. God also visited him live and direct.  We can also track how God spoke to successive generations in scripture.

Every age in earth is marked by discovery of new knowledge which God sends to us.  He uses His “discoveries” as a means to spread His truth. Apostle James called them good and perfect gifts. For example, people wrote on scrolls/ scripts in ancient times and they were the means for telling later people about God. Compasses were used by sailors and Christopher Colombus sailed to hitherto unknown regions of the world (to them at least) and so the Word of God spread, even if corrupted.  At least people heard it.


2. Satan rules from the air in the earth realm

When satan rebelled in heaven, Archangel Michael fought, won the battle and tossed him to earth (Rev 12: 7-9). If you look at the progression of events from Revelation 13, you will see that the earth people became like the beast. Since satan is still trying to be God, he set up a kingdom in the air. Apostle Paul told the believers:

You used to live just like the rest of the world, full of sin, obeying Satan, the mighty prince of the power of the air. He is the spirit at work in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God (Eph 2: 2)

 Aēr (G109) is the Greek word for air and it is literally translated as “air”.  Strong’s did not give a root word, but sneak previews behind the scenes explain. The air speaks about the invisible realm, which God also created, according to Colossians 1: 16. Satan has an army of demons which is invisible to the naked eye.  They are called principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of the world/world systems, wicked spirits in high places (Eph 6: 12). 

Mimicking God, satan assigns outstations over nations, cities, people etc. In Daniel’s day, the Prince of Persia, likely satan himself, was the ruler of the Babylonian Empire and was the power base behind this ruling. Daniel and his friends opposed this kingdom and Daniel’s intercession stirred up the release of the captives from captivity after 50 years of captivity so that they were able to return to build Jerusalem.

Blessings!!!  Whose side are you on?