1. Let’ s start in scriptures and match with modern times

History shows that wicked spirits in high places have used their positions to advance all kinds of wickedness and oppression on others less fortunate than themselves. Let’s review Ephesians 6: 12 for starters:

For we are NOT fighting against PEOPLE MADE OF FLESH AND BLOOD, but against the EVIL RULERS and AUTHORITIES  of the unseen world, against those mighty MIGHTY POWERS  of darkness who RULE THIS WORLD, and against WICKED SPIRITS  in the heavenly realms  (Eph 6: 12).


The  FIVE KEYWORDS in this text  are  capitalized.  There are some humans and systems (religious, political etc) which epitomize satan to such a degree that God calls them evil rulers and authorities, mighty powers and wicked spirits.  These  have ascended to such a high degree of the knowledge of satan that God calls  them by the name satan or satanic  and even the beast.  Many of these people operate behind the scenes, promoting legislation based on blood pacts,  financial gain, alliances to secret societies.  As Angel Cheemese told me, President John F Kennedy was killed to allow a war to begin for the financial gain of  these unknown, “invisible”  people (at least to the public).

Jesus Himself revealed that there are some places in earth where people give satan permission and control. Here are examples:

  • Philadelphia and Smyrna were locations for the synagogue of satan = so called churches pretending to belong to God (Rev 2: 9; Rev 3: 9)
  • Pergamos was known as the seat or throne of satan = a place from which he ruled (Rev 2: 13)  AND
  • place where satan dwelled = he was worshipped there. Know any nations or places like that. I recently saw on CNN a certain nation which had a street called HELL STREET (Rev 2: 13).


  • History shows that Smyrna, for example,  was a city and commercial center north of Ephesus. It was the place of severe persecution of the early church and Polycarp, a Bishop, was burned alive after he refused to blaspheme the Lord’s name.
  • Pergamos was famous for the temple of Aesculapus, known as the demon/Greek god of healing. Greek physicians depicted him with a staff in his hand, around which a leafy branch was twined, symbol of the medical profession.  Medicine and science were also worshipped here  and the church was persecuted.  Antipas was a martyr slain for the gospel and Christians were persecuted for refusing to worship the Roman  Emperor (wicked spirit in high places, a ruler)
  • Ephesus was famous as one of the Seven Wonders of the  World. Believe it or not, this was the Temple of Artemis or Diana, a Greek idol/demon worshipped for alleged prowess in hunting.  Demon worship of any kind was associated with all kinds of  sexual immorality including homosexuality. 
  • Wicked spirits or God haters in influential offices around the world permit  the persecution of Christians and/or Jews  around the world. Please visit http://persecution.com for more information
  • Christians are persecuted in Iran   http://www.persecution.com/public/homepage.aspx


2. Other examples how satan uses people in high places to advance wickedness in earth

  • The Caananites burnt their children in fire in worship of the demon Molech
  • Pharoah ordered Jewish Midwives to kill newborn baby boys out of fear that they would multiply
  • Herod ordered the execution of children two years and under in an attempt to get rid of Jesus
  • Modern day examples include  contraceptives which impair implantation; infanticide, especially killing babies before birth. Why?  Satan is threatened and does not want earth to produce God worshippers
  • Haman tried to kill the Jews in Babylon in a plot that ended in his own execution. Hitler tried to exterminate them and other haters of the race continue their aggression today.  Why? satan does not want any worship of God.
  • The Roman empire persecuted Christians, burning them alive, throwing them to fight lions in stadiums to name a few atrocities. Why? The Roman Emperor called himself god. 
  • Jezebel perpetuated the worship of Baal in Israel in her times and this included all forms of  sexual immorality like the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. Why is the agenda of this group of people advanced so aggressively in the earth in certain places? 
  • The list of examples abound and include issues such as the use of pesticides on crops; addition of harmful chemicals to foods; fluorination of water  http://www.fluoridealert.org/50reasons.htm;  racism;  unfair labour laws; political systems such as communism.
  • Restriction of the rights of  Christians  in some nations in any form;  through laws that hinder their faith, while other religions are allowed to practice freely.  Christians are the most peaceful and humanitarian people on earth and their presence in a society brings blessings.  For example, in the USA,  most education systems do not allow the teaching of  creation as an alternative to big bang theory, which opposes their constituional rights to freedom of speech. 
  • Coversely, some faiths promote violence and aggression to a high degree.  


3.  What  can I do? I’m helpless

No, you are not. We have secret arsenal for fighting the war.  We can take action by appealing and voting against destructive laws before they are passed and taking other peaceful civic action through relevant national agencies and most importantly, the church   http://cmc.rodparsley.com.  The church needs to become proactive and guide the course of  the nation and not just stand on the sidelines. We need to preserve the future for the generations to come.

Most of all, prayer is the most powerful weapon that you can take to deal with issues of any kind facing your natio:

  • Queen Esther fasted and prayed, interrupting a plot to exterminate her people
  • Apostle Daniel fasted and prayed and facilitated the return of his people from captivity
  • I have done a prayer walk and seen potential political violence averted; fought the demon of murder in SVG during a dream and during period of death by cutlass. Results were instant – no more “chopping up”.
  • Prayed for the homeless at the Lion’s Den with a prayer team and saw the government make a decision to take care of them (results in one month)
  • and more…

Why don’t you send me testimonies about the power of prayer in nations? Blessings until