What is voice recognition technology?

Using voice recognition allows amazing things to be done – one can command a computer to perform actions like converting speech to text, send emails etc.  The technology also enables text to be converted to spoken words.  A search will reveal that when different elements are integrated into one software package,  businesses can scale down the number of humans needed to perform administrative and clerical tasks. Is this good or bad?  The technology works like this. When we speak to the computer or robot, our speech goes to a database which does the actual translation.

Artificial Intelligence is the direction of the future and the education and financial systems need to prepare to meet the impending changes. We need to prepare the future generations to become entrepreneurs, independent business owners and inventors of new technology and markets.  The economic downturn in the world economy clearly speaks to this demand as people cry out for EMPLOYMENT/JOBS CREATED BY SMALL AND LARGE CORPORATIONS.  I have not reviewed the data, but it seems that a large chunk of the economy of many nations depends on this avenue of  job creation. Business closures and loss of individual income has  placed a great demand on government resources as insurance and  unemployment benefits had to be unexpectedly provided for large segments of the populace.


2. The future of voice recognition

The recent failure of the US Senate to pass a bill for job creation as a means of economic recovery was evidently undesirable.  However, consideration needs to be given to the element of  independent and small business ownership which will enable people to become self-sufficient and generate cash flow.  Beauty products, for example, are always in demand. Some people still need financial support to even start a small home business. Alternate means of funding could be provided through the Credit Unions working in tandem with the Small Business Association (in the USA).  Access to funds need to be easier and stress free for the entrepreneur who may just need a small boost to begin.   For example, Credit Unions in St Vincent and the Grenadines are very helpful to the populace, micro loans can be obtained from  The National Commercial Bank and there is a  Small Business Development Unit.  I do not know why the systems of  larger “developed” countries make it so difficult to obtain finance for small business development.

There are many signals which reveal that the corporations of the future will be hiring even fewer humans and relying more on machines and/or computers.  These include computers at help desks,  answering services etc, which recognize and respond “intelligently” to the human voice.  “Alex”, is a very pleasant Customer Service Associate who answers the phone at Virgin Mobile – alas, he is a computer! 


3. Origin of Voice Technology

Believe it or not, God is the origin of Voice Technology.  No, we are not computers, but we have built-in mechanisms  for responding to His Voice.  The first example is found in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve heard the God family’s Voice.  However,  They ran off instead of running to them.  Jesus must have had this event in mind when He  told the disciples, “my sheep hear my voice and…they follow me” (John 10: 27).  Since Jesus LINKED  the word HEAR  with FOLLOW,  we know that to hear God’s voice means to obey.   Jesus also told us that He calls “His own sheep by name, and leadeth them out…the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.”  Furthermore they will not obey strangers aka satan (Jn 10: 3-5)

4. Conclusion – God’s VOICE RECOGNITION technology

God’s obedient  people are affectionately referred to as sheep. The data base is the human spirit. Each human spirit has ears to hear, a mind to interpret and respond to the Voice of God (symbolic of the frontal lobe of the brain in which the thoughts are processed), a heart to want to respond, commit, love God.  Jesus taught us that:

  • God knows each of His obedient ones by name. You are not a child of God if you do not obey His voice.
  • He calls His own by name
  • They hear His voice
  • They know His voice
  • They obey His voice/follow His leading
  • They will not obey the devil

More to come. Blessings and have a great day!