1. There is a LIGHT that is greater than that of the sun and moon

During my early hours of the day, the Lord spoke with me about today’s topic. He reminded me about the following:

  • He created Light FIRST
  • Forty three percent of the Creation time was done in the Presence of this Light since sun, moon and stars on day 4
  • God counted time OR days without the need for sun and moon. Day and night are the same to Him (Ps 139: 12). 
  • He showed me again that Sun, Moon and Stars were created for the purpose of  helping man to measure/count days, nights, signs, seasons, days and years (Gen 1: 14)
  • He then told me “there is a LIGHT that is greater than the sun and moon”


2.  ‘Owr (H 216) is the Hebrew word for the Light that was FIRST created

I was amazed at the last statement and decided to follow the words in the original language. Later in the day,  I went back to Genesis 1 and discovered the following:

  • Light was First created
  • Light was separated from darkness
  • God called that  Light (‘owr) day
  • God called the darkness (chosek) night
  • From the beginning of creation, one day consisted of Evening and Morning 
  • God told the Prophet  that He formed the Light/ ‘owr  (Isaiah 45: 7).  Yatsar is the word used for “formed” and it describes the way in which a potter would fashion piece of pottery using the hands or a potter’s vessel.  Is Light a tangible entity? 


3. Sun, Moon and stars were created to give light during the day and night

Here is the picture. Light (‘owr)  and darkness were already in existence and God had already named them day and night respectively.  Why then did He add Sun, Moon and stars on day 4?   Why did we need a Sun to give light in LIGHT?   As previously stated, sun, moon and stars were mainly given to help humans MEASURE time.   

I can understand readily the need for the Moon and Stars to give light at night?

This is why God told me that there is  a Light that is greater than the sun and moon!!

I looked up the meaning of the  word “lights” as used in reference to sun, moon and stars. This is what I found:

  • Genesis  1: 14 God said, let there be lights  (ma’owr/H3974 ) in the firmament … to divide the day from night and let them be for signs, and for seasons and for days and for years
  • Genesis 1: 15 Let them be for lights  (ma’owr) in the heaven, to give light (‘owr )  upon the earth
  • Genesis 1: 16 God made two great lights (ma’owr) – the greater light (ma’owr)  to rule the day and the lesser light (ma’owr)  to rule the night
  • Genesis 1: 17 God set them in the heaven to give light (‘owr ) on the earth
  • Genesis 1: 18 to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light (‘owr)  from the darkness. 

Based on a face value interpretations regarding ‘owr  and  ma’owr, I came to these initial inferences:

  • Sun, moon and stars (ma’owr) are derived from the former  LIGHT / ‘owr.
  • Sun, moon and stars/ma’owr  reflect the LIGHT‘owr.
  • According to Genesis 1 :14, the sun was placed as a sign in the sky to denote day and the moon was a sign to denote  night.  Day and night were already divided!! Would the day have come possibly when some crazy person would dispute the definition of day and night or even length of days and nights if He had not done so?!!  Think of all the other disputes about the age of the earth!!
  • God therefore revealed His great sense of  humor by placing signs in the sky to indicate the difference between light (‘owr)  and darkness (although He had  already divided them!!!). Only a blind person would fail to see the sun in the day or the moon at night.  


4. Other usages of ma’owr shows that this light is derived from another source

  • light in the sanctuary in the wilderness to be given by oil (Ex 25: 6; Ex 27: 20; Ex 35: 8; Ex 35: 28; Ex 39: 37; Lev 24: 2; Num 4: 16; )
  • the light in the tabernacle  which would be given by candlesticks and oil (Ex 35: 14; Num 4: 9)
  • the light of God’ s face shining on and exposing secret sins (Ps 90: 8).


5. Where is the first LIGHT / ‘owr that was created?

All I can say right now is that it is reflected by the sun, moon and stars.  Would we find God if we find   ‘owr? Is there any way in which scientists can use this information?  There is certainly a spiritual application of the concept of ‘owr  and ma’owr.  Scriptures say that God is the source of the Light needed for the human spirit to be enlightened and that believers are the Light of the world.

* God is Light or  phōs   http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G5457&t=KJV

* God’s Light gives life or  zōē   http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G2222&t=KJV

* Believers are the light or phōs  of the world = a reflection of the light of God

* There is no light/phōs   of the sun in heaven, because the glory of God lightens it. Phōtizō is used for Light in this context.   Connect this with the Old Testament revelations of the Light and fire of the glory of God and I believe  that the first Light emanated from God Himself.