This series is dedicated especially to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the USA since the Lord told me that they are parallel nations. On Thursday 4th January, 2010, the Lord impressed on me to revisit Leviticus 8 & 9 and to expose in greater detail the picture that He painted on the anatomy of atonement.  Atonement is defined  as An atonement is not a ceremonial ritual, but a time of confession, repentance, reconciliation and obtaining the favor of God.  Atonement is critical for people and nations to fulfill their purpose in the earth and for longevity, blessings and the favor of God.

The keywords are:

 A. Structure of the Atonement  (There was a shut in and fasting for 7 days)

  • People: Apostle Moses, Aaron, priests, nation of Israel
  • Priestly Garments
  • Anointing oil
  • Animal sacrifices

B. The Atonement itself – Done on  the first day of the next week. It is comprised of all of the elements. THE GLORY OF GOD which is the FIRE OF GOD will appear when we make an atonement.

 The picture of atonement is a washing away of sins, sicknesses, curses, emotional wounds etc  by the blood of Jesus after confession is made. Jesus bore all of these when He made an atonement for our sins and bore  the blame on our behalf. He will forgive if we confess and turn away and bring us into a new dimension of favor and relationship with God (1 Jn 1: 9;  1 Jn 3: 5, 6).

This is the Old Testament picture. All of the elements were collected and Apostle Moses washed the priests with water, symbolizing the washing with the Word of God and blood of Christ for cleansing.

 Priestly garments – The priests were dressed in their special garments, every element of which symbolized right living or righteousness. Right living or righteousness is the daily garment of anyone wanting to please God and receive His blessing.  They wore the robe of righteousness; a girdle or belt signifying truth, a breastplate of righteousness, a crown of righteousness and deliverance.

 Anointing oil – was poured over the head of Aaron the High Priest. This was to sanctify him.   On Thursday 4th January, the Lord showed me that the Anointing Oil points us to the Exchange Program. This is seen in Isaiah 61 and is a picture of Jesus the Liberator and other liberators like Him who head this program. I will write more about the Exchange Program.

 Blessings and more to come!!