On Thursday 4th March, 2010 at 2.20 am, I heard Archangel Michael speaking to me. He said He’s not the talking type (as I know) and flashed my memory back to something that I had heard on TBN the day before. It was a partial explanation of a truth that had been revealed to a preacher. Archangel Michael said “we know in part and prophesy in part” means to know and prophesy a part of the whole. “When that which is perfect is come” is also known as spiritual maturity, grown up in Christ, no hindrances to vision. 

Look up the Greek word “perfect” for confirmation of the teachings on “visions.”  Churches and preachers have been prophesying knowledge of the Lord, Lord God Almighty (He was emphatic here) in part.  It’s time for you all to teach the whole truth, nothing but the truth – cutting edge Theology. God paints in pictures and it is  important to understand these pictures. For example, Jesus’ atonement, was it a 7th  Year?  I got out the Creation Map and this is how I processed the information:

  • Jesus died AD 33= 33 years/days of Creation
  • Days 1 – 7 x 4 = 28 years/days of His Life (1 creation month/4 cycles of  creation weeks)
  • Plus 5 days (part of the week of the next month).
  • Days 1 – 5 is a creation process ending with day 5. Everything has been created and ready for a new  man in Christ by day 6 (aka Jesus’ 34th year).


 What did Jesus do in day 6?  (He gave the answer)

  •  Lord of His Church
  • Strutting around heaven talking about His sacrifice
  • Angels cheer and congratulate Him for taking knocks from Created Beings
  • Saints applaud, thanking Him for being gracious to Adam
  • Arriving saints worship and praise Us  (Elohim) for the sacrifice
  • The Church of Earth grows, spreads Gospel and knowledge of Christ and God in Earth and so forth.


Archangel Michael also told me: Now He set captives free in His atonement and shows us a picture concept of an Atoner in Life:

  • An Atoner has to live among people He’s praying for, bearing their life’s suffering
  • He has to work and labor with them in Ministry, seeing their shortcomings
  • He has to be all of Teacher of Teachers, Evangelist of Evangelists, Pastor of Pastors, Prophet of Prophets, Apostle of Apostles.  He has to model all of these – Leader of Leaders, Bishop of Bishops, Worshipper of Worshippers. He/she must have credentials in the Heavenly Places aka status with God.

 The problem with the church (in America particularly) is that Learners have been Teachers, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists – prophesying, teaching, evangelizing, pasturing, Apostoling and inging in my Name, saith the Lord (and I am still very calm. I am not going to get mad like I get mad with the devil). This is a baby Church. No one has had full revelation up to this time. Paul had it eh!  We need you to put this prophecy online, speaking the truth in love.