Let us look at how patterns of sin become established in individuals, families and nations:

  • First, we need to remember that Satan was the mastermind behind the first sins and every sin that is committed in the earth. 
  • When humans fail to obey God’s word, they give room to the devil, allowing him and his demons to attach to family lines,  reinforcing sin in the lives of those who give him room.
  • Genesis 6 shows that demons infiltrated the earth before the flood and the result was a race called the giants. These descendants were taught to become exceedingly wicked sinners. 
  • This gene resurfaced after the flood and the giants reappeared. They were also exceedingly wicked sinners and occultic workers – specializing in the magic arts – witches, sorcerers, wizards etc.
  • Idol worship is the worship of devils.  They attach to people, manifesting their presence in oppression, sickness and all forms of
  • Adam and Eve learnt to sin and all of us inherited their spiritual DNA. Son Cain went his own way and murdered his own brother Abel. All humans have thereafter been plagued with the sin problem .This is seen in the “no” stage in the two year old – I will not obey. How did the child learn to say “no” and go through what we call the “terrible twos?”
  • Cain was a rebel and went his own way. His descendents followed in his footsteps.
  • Adam’s son Seth was a man of prayer and he taught his son Enos to pray and obey God. Men began to call on God in their times. Noah came out of Seth’s line.
  • Apostle Abraham made an error when he tried to produce his heir with an Egyptian woman called Hagar. Ishmael his son was about 23 years old when Isaac was born and Sarah caught him mocking. Abraham was forced to put out his child and mother to keep peace in the household.  Ishmael became a bitter man. He had lived for all those years hearing his mother tell him that all this stuff and land was his. He was Abraham’s beloved son. The pattern of rivalry continues today in bitter conflict between the Jews and their half brothers. If you read history, you will see that a Caliph put up a temple to his god on Solomon’s temple site, as supposed. In essence, he is like a child who says, don’t touch this spot, or else.   Israel lay vacant until the Jews became a nation in 1948, at which time their siblings  started to lay claim to “their property”  and temple site. 
  • Iraq had been a Christian nation at one time in its history until the Moslems conquered it. Satan meant for that conflict to  continue and reestablished old rivalries.
  • Apostle Abraham was  a man of prayer and worship and his son Isaac followed in his footsteps.
  • However, Isaac’s wife Rebekah brought to the family her idols/demons and ways of her ungodly family. She taught her son Jacob to disrespect his father, steal, backstab and to lie.
  • Jacob’s wives came from the same background as his mother and they also brought idol worship, magic arts, jealousy, infiltrated the family with backstabbing and personal vendettas as they competed for Jacob’s affection. The sons learnt this behavior and almost killed their brother Joseph in jealousy.
  • The Jews learnt the ways of the heathen in Egypt and this was reflected in their readiness in backsliding in their hearts as they journeyed through the wilderness. For example, Moses had left them in Aaron’s care and had gone to speak with God in the top of Mount Sinai. He had not been gone for even 40 days when they quickly made a golden calf and had a sexual orgy to celebrate the worship of the demon (Exodus 32).
  • The Jews through their history had a tendency to stray and worship the demons of the heathen nations. Why? This pattern had been built into the DNA of their spirits.