God’s concern about a message preached on TBN

 I was awakened this morning at 1.24 on Saturday  March 6th, 2010 and the God family  began speaking with me about a message that I had heard preached on TBN on Friday  5th March by Pastor Larry Huch.  The conversation was very apologetic with a lot of ums and hesitations.  I heard, “he called Gabriel a demon”.   I heard them telling me that it had  really been my job to do the correction, but I had done nothing.  This is true, because I had spotted the error, but did not respond.  The context in which the Pastor spoke related to the wrestling match that Jacob had with a man who then blessed him and told him that his name would now be called Israel and not Jacob, because  as a Prince, you have power with God and men and has prevailed in the wrestling match. (Gen 32: 28).  The man was identified in the sermon as Esau’s angel and also a demon who wanted to stop Jacob.  I know the implication of that because of what Jesus said in Mark 3: 22 – 30.

 Now the Lord told me that He was going to demote the Pastor and I started pleading for him.  I did this trying to find as many excuses as I could for the pastor. It seemed that I had prevailed because I saw a circular stamp applied to the page of an open book, then the Lord said, “close the book”,  meaning that the matter had been concluded. At least this is what I thought.  I had totally missed the point.

 The serpent that tried to bite me

 I went back to sleep and awoke at 6 am. Shortly before awakening, I had a disturbing dream in which a serpent entered a room by the front door and tried to bite me. I  got up rather slowly from the place where I was lying and swatted it away.  It came back again, trying to bite me on the left arm. That was a demonic attack in my sleep. The slowness of my response was a reflection of my careless response to what I had heard in the message.  As soon as I awoke, I heard the Lord say to me, “that is the spirit of error.”  I repented for not having dealt with the sin of error. I had not failed to acknowledge for the sin of the Pastor and had tried instead to sweep it under the carpet.  God had wanted me to see my own error. I was then instructed to write the correction and include the individual’s name.   The Lord then told me this is the separation of the sheep from the goats and said also that a time will come in the Apostles will stand up and correct error. He said that the day is coming when the Body of Christ will know the truth and reject anything that is “off truth”. Apostles can and do perpetuate error and Peter was certainly no exception to the rule (Galatians 1 & 2).

 Did Jacob fight with a demon?

 There are two parallel scriptures that answer the question. They are:

  • Genesis 32: 23 – 31
  • Genesis 35: 9 – 15

Jacob’s testimony on the issue – Genesis 32: 23 – 31Context: He is returning home and about to meet his estranged brother with whom he has had 20 years of conflict. When last he knew, Esau had tried to kill him for stealing his blessing. Hosts of angels meet him in advance of the visitation by God

  • He said initially that a man wrestled with hi
  • We see that the man has supernatural power, according to Genesis 32: 25
  • Jacob is requested to let the man go, because he has him in a deadlock and would not let go
  • Jacob refuses to let go without a blessing. We now realize that Jacob is talking with someone he knows (He is more afraid of Esau his brother  whom he must soon meet after 20 years of unresolved conflict – read the context)
  • The man asks for his name in exasperation and tell Jacob that his new  name is Israel, meaning “Prince with God”.  As a man, Jacob now has the same status in the heavenlies and on earth as Gabriel with whom he wrestles.
  • The man blessed Jacob
  • Jacob is awed and said “I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved”.
  • The blessing is confirmed as Esau and Jacob meet and reconcile.

 God’s testimony on the issueGenesis 35: 9 – 15

 Context:  Jacob’s daughter has had a sexual relationship with a Caananite prince who offered to marry her. Incensed, her brothers trick and kill them. Jacob is terrified because he believes that the heathen nations will take revenge on him.  God sent him back to Bethel, the very place where he had first seen God and also the place where he had slept after running from Esau’s death threat. God appeared to Jacob live and direct and had a meeting and talk with his friend:

  •  God blessed him
  • God reiterated that his name is Israel and no longer Jacob – do not fear your enemies
  • God declared His name – “I am God Almighty” = who can be against you?
  • Commands him to be fruitful and multiply
  • Tells him that a nation, a company of nations and kings shall be in his family tree (Gentiles will also be saved)
  • Told him that the land was his


What is the meaning of the wrestling match?

  •  Apostle Paul tells us that a wrestling match is called a war in the invisible realm
  • A wrestling match with God symbolizes intercession
  • It means that God was training him for another dimension of rulership/he had ruled in Laban’s house.
  • God was upgrading him in hand to hand combat to see if he was able to lead nations rather than a family
  • Why would  demon bless him, much less leave him alive?

 Next time, God spoke with me about “the evolution of delusion” I speak the truth in love and hear the Lord say that He loves His servant. Blessings