On Tuesday 2nd March, 2010, Bishop McClendon was instructed by God on (TBN’s Telethon) to ask viewers for a $24.00 offering for the harvest of souls. He said although he did not know the meaning of the $24.00 offering, givers should expect some specific miracles before the end of the month.

This is the meaning of his specific offering according to God’s Creation Map:

 How does God count?

  •  God counts from two perspectives – before time, meaning that the prophetic word of God was spoken  before time AND from the date the individual heard the prophetic word.


  • God’s Prophetic Words and Events  can be mapped to the past, present and future.


  • Creation days go in a cycle from Sunday/day 1 to Saturday/day 7.


  • We will time this prophetic word from the 2nd March, 2010 and count in days because of the specific time period.


  • Taken literally, $24.00 = 24 creation days = count from day 2 and add 24 days.


  • This takes us to Friday 26th March, 2010. This is the day of the fulfillment of the prophecy. Therefore anyone who vows/pledges or plants the actual seed on the second will receive the fulfillment. Immediate response is important.


  • If you if you match Tuesday with Creation  Day 3, you will find that Sat 27th March would be exactly  the end of a four week month. Therefore March 29th – 31st may match April 1-4 if the original creation months were exactly 28 days long.


  • 24 days later = Saturday 27th March = commemorates Jesus’ descent into hell as He conquers satan for our ultimate victory over hell; rest from stress, financial problems etc.


  • There is a short cycle of weeks before the expected miracles


  •  Tuesday 2nd March also matches the 3rd day of creation which is the day God planted crops in the earth and is the perfect day to plant this seed. God’s passion is the salvation of souls. Earth is His literal field and He wants His people to plant seed into His work to enable the preaching of the gospel. He told me that TBN is His Broadcasting Network and that is because it has international reach. This fulfills Christ’s commission.  If you plant into God’s field, you will reap bread for food, multiplication of your gift back to you, just  like the little boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes and also increased fruits of righteousness (2 Cor 9: 10).


  •  To confirm, I got out the Creation Map given to me by God and counted 24 days from 0. This ended on Creation day 24. This is the third day of the fourth week. Day 3 of week 4 and perfectly matches day 3 of week one.  This is God’s planting day and we will reap bountifully with Him if we plant seeds with Him.  Picture yourself in a field planting seeds with God. Wow!  This confirms the word spoken by the Prophet. I myself had only $20.00 and vowed to pay the remainder. I sent my offering this morning and received $100.00 by the same evening. God returned a supernatural, miraculous increase. I did not have to wait till the month end.


  • If I take $20.00 to the bank ,I will be given a 0.25% monthly interest rate. My returns are going to be negligible.  Given to God, He immediately returned 5 parts, meaning that I received a 100% increase.  His Kingdom is simply the best place in which to invest.


  •  Every prophetic word is given from heaven – not the literal one – the heaven where God lives. Windows of heaven = God stretches out His hand to bless. This is the result of tithing, the smallest proportion (Mal 3); ladders/steps to heaven = seeing angels (Gen 28: 12 , 13 & John 1: 48 – 51).   Door of heaven means that God opens a doorway in heaven for you to enter. He reveals Himself in dreams and  visions and open visions; reveals secrets (1 Sam 2: 3  ; Rev 4:1; Gen 28: 12 & 13) Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, David, Daniel, Samuel  and many others had live visitations from God = open visions. Those who were greatly beloved were not short of heaven’s attention.


  • Which dimension of  revelation do you want? God’s hand, ladder or door into heaven? The church is still largely at the place of obligatory giving and there is a paucity of  true revelation.  The open door of heaven means that  you are inside the house of the Lord – you will see the open windows and steps. How do we get through the door like John the Beloved.  You have to be beloved by the Lord.  The door of heaven is opened by invitation only.


  • King Solomon dedicated his temple with a multitude of sacrifices (22, 000 oxen and 120, 000 sheep)  accompanied by praising, thanking the Lord for His goodness and mercy and the glory of the Lord filled the house (1 Kings 8: 63; 2 Chron. 5: 6-14).

 Blessings. You still have time to send your offering for the harvest of  new souls into God’s kingdom.