Dear Mommy

Happy  Birthday. I thank God for you every day and for the faith and love for God that you taught me from a very early age. My earliest memory of you is at about age 4 when we lived at Upper Kingstown Park. You were reading from the newspaper and I read along. You patiently listened to me read the letters back to you.

As I grew, I would hear you shouting praises to God as you listened to Brother Shambach on the radio and also remember you telling me many times about the miracles that you experienced in your life.

Most of all, Mommy, I thank God that you gave me back to God before my birth and sealed me in the womb with prayer and praises. As I grow older, I realize continually that this is the secret to my life and the revelations that God has been giving me about Himself and His Word. I realize too that this is a message that you should share with the world and that this is how God intends women to prepare a child to live in the earth.

You tapped into a great secret when you prepared me for life in this way and I am so grateful for the prophetic ministry that He placed in you. As a teenager, I always felt that there was something around me like a shield. The day that you told me that you had given me to God before I was born, I felt something leap in my chest. I was about twelve and felt really special.

I thank God every day for you and want you to know that your investment has paid off. I was the firstfruit offering that you gave to God, just as Hannah gave Samuel entirely to Him. Each of us was in God before the foundation of the earth. He sent us into the earth to fulfill His purpose, but many went astray. I thank God for your influence before birth. This has kept me in the way of the Lord and I don’t want to serve any other god.
My Precious mother, your reward is great. Share the secret with the world. God bless you. I hope that this message of love will keep you warm on your birthday and have a great day!

Lots of love