I give God all the glory and praise for revealing His will in relation to the economic recovery for the USA and for confirming His word on Sunday 21st March.

A. Some of the events that took place behind the scenes on Sunday 21st March, 2010:

  1.  Shortly before I awoke, I dreamt that I was fighting a man who  came to steal thousands of dollars that I had found in the house of an individual who claimed there was none. That man was the demon called the devourer.
  2. I awoke and began speaking with God.  I see the three members of the God family preparing the armies of heaven for war.
  3. I began to follow the debate at 4pm. God and the angels are watching too.
  4. I had been praying about the inclusion funding of  abortions with taxpayer dollars and do not want to be held responsible for the blood of the unborn.  The Lord told me not to worry, He will take care of that issue.
  5. God tells me to do a victory dance as the House votes. Finally, the count is in.
  6. The city in which I live had natural sunlight until 8pm (same as day 1 creation). I was reminded of Joshua who commanded the sun to stand still to allow him to fight a battle.
  7. I worship and give God praise for fulfilling His word – History is made and the will of the Lord has been accomplished.
  8. AS the President gave his address, I heard the angels guarding him and the Vice President speaking to me, “can you see our wings?”  I saw two huge wings behind them as the two men went back into the East room.
  9. Shortly after that, I heard angels asking, “can you see us in the United States?”  The nation has become flooded with angels of  God and satan has lost that particular battle.
  10. This marks the Exodus from Egypt. God bless the President.


 B. Other behind the scenes events on Thursday 18th March

  1.  On Thursday 18th March, shortly before awakening, I dreamt that I was being pursued relentlessly by a black man with an amputated left leg. He had an ugly, nasty looking wooden leg in the form of an oar which he kept throwing at me like a javelin in an attempt to kill me. I kept running from him, then became tired of it and trampled him under my feet. I heard a voice say, “this is the spirit of oppression”.
  2. Later Thursday morning, the Lord showed me that Bishop Mc. Clendon’s $24.00 offering could be counted from the 2nd March to 9th to 16th to 23rd.  Wednesday 24th would also be the fulfillment of  the prophetic word and it matches the beginning of a new season. That would make a total of 22 days to the miraculous $24.00 offering.  This is one of the results (fruit of righteousness) that we received as a result for giving to spread the gospel to the nations through TBN.


C. Look to me and be saved, says the Lord

 These are the words of the Lord that I hear as I conclude. The United States is about to enter a season of miraculous provision, just as the Jews did when they walked through the wilderness. The Lord says “the nation needs to continue to look to me and be saved”.  As America enters this new season,  I encourage the Body of Christ to pray for the leaders of the nation.