1. A season marks  an appointed place for something to be done. 

The Jewish Tabernacle of the Congregation  (congregation = mow`ed)  was used in conjunction with the word mow`ed  and reference to it as an  appointed place occurred about 147 times (66% of times) out of  223 references.   Only the priests could enter the Tabernacle of the Congregation, which was dedicated to the sacrifices for sin and other offerings made to God.  The Tabernacle of the Congregation is a picture of the believer (a royal priest and holy person)  and the Old Testament paints a picture of the condition in which the believer should live.

2. Here are three examples of some of the things that God wanted the  Jews to do in this appointed place/in our lives/spirits:

i. Keep the LAMP  in the tabernacle always LIT (Ex 27: 21). 

 This is the FIRST reference to the Tabernacle of the Congregation. Let there be Light = we are Lights in the world.  Sadly, the lamp went out many times as the Jews sinned and worshipped other gods under the reign of wicked kings like Mannesseh and his descendants Jehoikam and Jehoiachin.  Nebuchadnezzar burnt the temple and desecrated the sanctuary when he entered it and took out the vessels dedicated to the worship of God.  He took them to Babylon and placed them in the house of his gods. In fact, his son Belshazzar was judged for using these holy vessels during a drunken celebration to his gods.  Sin will extinguish the Light of  God in any life.  Is the Lamp or Light of God  burning in the temple of your life?

ii. The High Priest and priests were to wear special garments representing the  holiness, glory and beauty of  God when they entered the Tabernacle of the Congregation (Ex 28: 43). 

Apostle Moses was commanded to “anoint …consecrate … and sanctify them” for the work of the ministry and to prevent them from dying in the Priest’s office (Ex 28: 41). In fact, God was so serious about the holiness of the Priesthood that two of Aaron’s sons were killed for ministering under the influence of alcohol (Leviticus 10).  The lesson is that we cannot mess around the holy place. God is so long-suffering in this era and spare people from instant death when they sin presumptuously  that believers take His grace for granted. However, He is still a God of righteousness and judgement.  The garments symbolize righteousness of  God, garments of praise that the believer is to wear.

iii. The third reference to the Tabernacle of the Congregation is one of cleansing of the High Priest and the priests  BEFORE they were clothed in their garments for ministry  (Ex 29: 4). 

This cleansing was done at the door before the priests entered the holy place where the sacrifices were to be given. They were cleansed with water, symbolizing cleansing by obedience to the word of God, anointed with oil (the Holy Spirit), then blood applied (the blood of Jesus).  This is a picture of the process of  the cleansing of the believer.   

3. God also has geographic locations where your blessings are appointed to flow. This is seen in Isaac’s experience in Genesis 26.

4. Conclusion

 April is a very exciting time in God’s Calender. Do you want to discover what it holds for you?  Do not look to the Zodiac, but to God’s prophetic truth which will bring you light and life.  I hope that this post will form the basis of further discovery on your part, since  I am unable to explore all of the exciting details and examples in the Word about God’s appointments in the Earth.

God bless.