On Tuesday 30th March, the Lord awoke me in the wee hours of the morning and spoke with me on the caption.    God intertwines the entities of PLACE, PERSON AND TIME ON HIS PROPHETIC MAP and each must be in place in order for events to take place on earth.  God showed me that He used Isaac’s experience in Genesis 26 to illustrate this truth and I found it very fascinating.


  • This was the time of famine in the land of Caanan. There was no rain and crops could not grow
  • Isaac’s father Abraham had gone through a previous famine and had gone to Egypt and the Land of the Philistines to survive  (Gen 12).
  • Why a famine? A famine is opposite to a flood and God had promised humans that He would never again destroy the entire earth in a flood when they sinned.
  • This famine was localized to Caanan, a very sinful place. They were the descendants of Ham and Caanan and had been cursed because of their sinfulness.
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  • Famines in the bible were accompanied by severe food shortages, no rain, hunger, nakedness, lack of basic necessities, inflation, poverty, mortgaging possessions to buy food; death, famine for the word of God
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  • Famines were judgements sent by God for serving demons and polluting the land with blood  (Deut 28: 48; Deut 32: 24; 2 Sam 21: 1; 2 Sam 24: 13; )
  • God often sent famines in 3 or 7 year periods (2 Kings 8: 1; Jer 11: 22; 2 Sam 24: 13)
  • Israel was often judged by famines and this was the case when Nebuchadnezzar beseiged Jerusalem and and took them into captivity in 586. It was certainely the case during the revolt ending with the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.
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  • Isaac faced a serious situation. Famines were described as grievous and sore. What should he do?


  • God told Isaac to go to the Land of the Philistines and NOT  Egypt
  • Why? When compared with Pharoah, King Abimilech was the lesser of the two evils because he feared God to some extent. Read Abraham’s and Isaac’s interaction with King Abimelech  and you will understand why (Gen 20 &  Genesis 26).
  • The Land of the Philistines was on the Mediterranean coast and Egypt lay south.  The Philistines were Ham’s  descendants and  God had promised to give their land to Abraham and his descendants(Josh 1: 4).  Did God  want Isaac to collect dues for  his property? Was there a famine in Egypt as well? 
  • It was too soon for the Jews to leave their property – they were too few in number.  God wanted Isaac to maintain physical presence  and to reveal the power of  God to the heathen. 
  •  The appointed time for the  Jews to go to Egypt would be in Jacob’s 130th year and  the second year of a subsequent worldwide famine.

More in the upcoming post on Isaac’s assignment!  Blessings