1. God gave the Philistines a DEMO of   His power – a foretaste of things to come

Isaac’s job in the famine was really to show off the power of the  God with whom he had kept the covenant.  God  had already  sworn to bless Abraham and his descendants if they would serve Him only.  Isaac agreed with the covenant by  obeying God’s command to live in the Land of the Philistines and not Egypt.  God will then reveal His  route to demonstrating His power and to  His people who love and serve  Him.


2. God  revealed  a   SECRET  for demonstrating His power to the heathen during famine 

Apart from obeying God,  Isaac had to take a SECOND step.  He had to SOW  SEED IN THE LAND (Gen 26: 12 – 16).  God blessed him so abundantly that  the Philistines became envious, eventually confessing the power of  his God (Gen 26: 28).  There are  prophetic meanings for sowing and reaping that would keep the believer  safe in any famine  once applied:

  • Isaac sowed into the land – planted crops – made sound investments that produced magnificent results. A famine is a great time for the transfer of wealth to the children of  God.
  • Sowing  means to preach the word of  God.  Isaac had found good ground for testifying to the greatness of  God.  Naitons  need God’s true prophetic word for direction during famine – not that of the occult.
  • Sowing means to give  cheerfully. The rewards of the  cheerful  giver are revealed in 2 Corinthians 9: 10
  • Sowing means to give more than a tithe. A tenth is one of  the smallest fractions of any whole number.
  • Isaac reaped abundantly because he sought the Kingdom of  God first.  The revelation of the Kingdom of  God in that time was the rule and supremacy of  God revealed through Abraham and Isaac,  then their descendants.  Isaac made God’s  dream his  priority and  God added the necessities of life to him.
  • Reaping is prophetically symbolized by abundance;  the fruit or evidence of  God in our lives;  souls won for the Kingdom of God;  dividends received for giving any kind of seed into the Kingdom of  God.


3.  Jesus stressed the importance of  seeking God’s Kingdom or Agenda FIRST  (Mt 6: 19 – 34)

God’s dream was to have loving and obedient people in the earth who would serve Him only.  Isaac made God’s dream  his priority.   In fact, Jesus stressed the importance of  giving priority to the  Kingdom of  God or God’s agenda (in the context in which this was spoken).  He  chided the hypocrites for their outward shows and demonstrations of righteousness, revealing that their true motivations were acquisition of treasures,  fame and fortune.  

Here is Jesus’  revealing statement  in Matthew 6:  26 about the attitude that we should take to the Kingdom of God/God’s agenda:

Look at the birds. They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because your heavenly Father feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than they are

In order to understand this fully, we must take into consideration the fact that Jesus  had previously made several points about the struggles  that people make in the earth in order to gain  possessions, treasures, money.  All of this is done to provide for the basic necessities of life and in the context,  He spoke especially about people using religion to get by.   Others spend all their time in money-making endeavours and investments – symbolized by  planting, reaping  and storing produce in barns.

A famine is a time in which we could be tempted to make an extra dollar by any means possible in order to survive and to add fuel to the fire by giving less attention to God’s agenda.  God wants to prove that He is our God  and  Jehovah  Jireh  if we will obey His instructions.