It is Six days before the Passover  –  Jn 12; Mark 14

Jesus had gone to Bethany and is a dinner guest at the home of Simon the ex leper, who lives in Bethany (Matthew and Mark)

Apostle John says that Martha served and Lazarus sat at the table  (Jn 12)

Jesus  had resurrected Lazarus maybe that very day in a dramatic display of power and the glory of   God (Jn 11)  

He eats a celebration  supper after which Mary Magdalene (Mary the sister of Lazarus),  gratefully anointed  His feet with an expensive ointment, as a picture of worship.  Jesus had destroyed the power of death. He would later  place His feet on satan His enemy, totally destroying his power in His own death.

Judas became angry, wanting to sell the ointment on pretext of giving proceeds to the poor. Only Jesus and the Apostle John knew that he was a thief.

Jesus rebukes Him, prophesying about his death and the meaning of Mary’s actions.

Judas angrily leaves for Jerusalem where he reports to the religious  leaders and plots with them to  kill Jesus. 

 Judas  had really  believed that Jesus was an earthly king and that he would have power, wealth  and fame in that kingdom.   His bubble finally burst.

Meantime, the people arriving from other cities and nations are asking the leaders for Jesus and  moreso after having heard about Lazarus’ resurrection.

The leaders became alarmed about Jesus’  power and want to protect their power base.  They  send out a warrant for His arrest (Jn 11: 46 – 57)

The events of the next day would spur them on to further action.