1. Introduction

Prophet Isaiah said,  “the Spirit of the Lord GOD [is] upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to [them that are] bound”  (Isa 61: 1)


2. What does it mean to  Proclaim  liberty?

Dĕrowr/H 1865  is the Hebrew word for liberty and is used 7 times in 8 verses of the  KJV of the Old Testament.  It was used in direct reference to:

A. the Year of  Jubilee, a  celebration which ocurred every 50 years after the first entry into the Land of Caanan.  It is also a celebration of Day 5 of creation in which God considered the earth to be entirely free of the old oppression.  The Jews were commanded to keep the following observances during the Year of Jubilee (Leviticus 25):

  • Release servants back to their own property
  • Rest the land from sowing and reaping/no farming activities were to be done. The people also rested
  • Avoid oppressive business practices.
  • Redeem Jews who had become slaves to foreigners
  • Allow people to buy back property that had been mortgaged. Certain conditions applied for the redemption of property.
  • Levites could redeem property without any conditions applied 
  • Follow a specific system for  redemption of possessions in order to avoid exploitation
  • Support the poor by allowing them to live with you. 


B.  The  RELEASE at  the end of every 7 year period  (Deut 15; Lev 25)

God commanded the Jews to proclaim a RELEASE   every 7th  year during which they were commanded to:

  • rest the land and do no farming activity
  • release Hebrew servants every seven years
  • lend freely to the poor in time of their need 
  • Lenders were not to ask  Jewish brethren for loans to be returned. Payoff of loans could be exacted from foreigners.
  • God promised to bless the land in the 6th year and cause it to produce enough for three years.
  • During the 70 year captivity in Babylon, the land enjoyed rests since the people had failed to obey this command  (2 Chron 36: 31)

In fact, God commanded King Zedekiah and the people to release their Jewish servants. They initially obeyed then took them back into servitude, angering the Lord (Jeremiah 34: 8)



3. Who are the captives?

Shabah/H 7617  is the Hebrew word used for captives and  refers  to prisoners of war.   I was fascinated to discover the fascinating information about the usage of  Shabah:

  • used in reference to Lot and his family who were taken captive in a war – Gen 14:  14
  • In Bible days, the captive’s  belongings, wealth, flocks, fwives, children and other family members were also taken into captivity –  Gen 34: 29. In modern days these could be your houses, investments, children  etc
  • associated with war and death – 1 Samuel 30: 2
  • captives were carried away into the land of their enemies where they became slaves – 1 Kings 8: 46 – 47.  For example, the Syrians had taken into captivity a little Jewish maid who became the servant of the Commander in Chief of the Syrian army (2 Kings 5: 2).
  • The Jews lost God’s protection and favor and  were taken into captivity by their enemies due to their rebellion against His ways (2 Chron 30: 9)



4.  Jesus the Liberator came to set captives free,  from satan’s bondage and give rest to those who believe His Word

The liberation is associated with Jesus’  death on the cross, His forgiveness  of our sins, debt cancellation, release from captivity.

  • God has used the number 7 since the  Creation  as a symbol of rest and release from labor. 
  • Jesus promised  eternal rest to those who are oppressed and burdened with sin and other issues  (Mt 11: 28).  This is not death, but the peace, forgiveness, provision, healing etc that comes with the acceptance of  His Release Program.
  • He cancelled the debt of sin by dying in our place and  we receive rest  and release from sin and peace with God by faith (Rom 5: 1)
  • We also receive healing,  release from sorrow and a multitude of  other benefits by trusting the resurrected Christ as Savior
  • Apostle Paul explained BELIEVING  THE WORD OF THE LORD is critical to our rest. Believe His Word (Hebrews 3)
  • Bondage is symbolic of  the  control and dominion by satan  (Heb 2: 14, 15).
  • Jesus demonstrated the release of people held in captivity by the devil.  He loosed a woman bowed over with a spirit of infirmity. She was one of  many  (LK 13: 10 – 16)
  • That word “loose”  apolyō/G 630   also means to forgive – Lk 6: 37
  • Barabbas was loosed  from prison and Jesus was crucified in his place.
  • to loose means also to release from prison in the New Testament


I’m thankful  for  God’ s  natural and spiritual plan  of  deliverance.   Have you signed up?  Blessings!!!