As I recently read through the book of  John, it struck me that  the author made quite a number of references to Jesus’ appointments in the earth.  Here is a chronology of these references:

  • The first occured when His mother tried to prod Him to do something about  the shortage of wine at the wedding in Galilee. He responded that “mine hour hath not yet come” (Jn 2: 4)
  • The religious rulers tried to arrest Him  several times, but could not because His hour had not yet come/it was not the appointed time (Jn 7: 30; John 8: 20)
  • The Jews tried to stone Him at the Feast of Dedication one winter, but He escaped out of their trap (Jn 10)
  • On the Monday prior His crucifixion (the day of  His triumphant entry into Jerusalem),  Jesus declared that “the hour had come that He must be glorified (Jn 12: 23).  He made this statement after the Jews from Greece came looking for Him in the temple.  Read on for more details,
  • Although  Jesus spoke about taking up the cross or being obedient even to death, He was not really looking forward to dying. We see the beginning of  His struggle with this appointment in the earth (Jn 12: 27)
  • Jesus knew that the Thursday prior His crucifixion was the hour of  His death and celebrated the Passover and New Covenant   ONE DAY  IN ADVANCE (Jn 13: 1).  He was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the earth.

 We should really thank the Lord  very much for keeping His appointment for  His sacrificial death at the hands of sinners on our behalf.