1. Prophetic significance of  Month 4 – the beginning of  God’s new seasons 

I’m interjecting with this post as a reminder about the prophetic significance of  the 4th month of the year on  God’s calendar.  This was inferred  because Creation Day 4 was the beginning of  seasons, times, days and signs in the earth.  Creation Day 4 therefore marks the FIRST, INCEPTION or BEGINNING of  something new, historical, momentous. Through the history of the earth, God matched Creation Day 4 with Month 4 to symbolize  New Beginnings in order to reveal Jesus the Messiah  (Fig 1). Here are some examples:

  • He told Moses to mark it as the beginning of the Jewish New Year. This was because Jesus would be crucified to mark the New Beginning of  God’s New Plan of  Redemption for all nations.
  • It is the time of the Jewish Passover celebration and crucifixion of Jesus as God’s perfect Passover Lamb for all nations
  • The Jews escaped from Egypt on the 15th day of Month 4
  • The Jewish Passover also marked the beginning of  the  7 day  Feast of Unleavened Bread (symbolic of  the influence of  leaven – sinlessness or righteousness)
  • Day 15 of  month 4 was the celebration of the Firstfruit offering and Jesus is God’s Perfect Firstfruit Offering who rose from the dead
  • The mobile church building in the wilderness was dedicated on the first day of the first Jewish month (Ex 40: 1)
  • Joshua and the Jews crossed over Jordan into Canaan in this month.
  • Creation  Day 4 precedes  Creation Day 5 in which living things were created in water.
  • Creation Day 4  heralds the the  arrival of   Creation Day 5, which marked the culmination of the creation of the earth and its total liberation from the dark and void state that it had been in.
  • Creation Day 5 = things living in water, is symbolic of  the Living Word of  God.
  • The water symbolizes Life by the Word of God which should flow out of our belly and bring life to every place where we live, speak, sing, write or depict it in any form. See Prophet Ezekiel’s vision in 47?  Are you full of the Word of God?



2.  Creation Day  4 heralds the arrival of  Earth’s Liberty on  Creation Day 5  and matches the arrival of  the 50th day or year on earth.

God revealed this to us by the use of  the following clues/symbolsims:

  • Jesus was crucified the day before the Passover celebration to show He was the Lamb slain before the Creation of the Earth
  • God commanded the Jews to count 7 sabbaths from the Passover = 49 days
  • the 50th day was the celebration of the Feast of Pentecost, a second firstfruit offering
  • Day 50 0r  The Feast of Pentecost matched the  historical  outpouring of the Holy  Spirit on all nations.  Jesus got a 3000% increase on the offering of  His ONE LIFE and the numbers added to His Church  have topped the charts in all eras of time.
  • the Jews counted 49 years from the entry into the Promised Land.  Every 7th year was a Release
  • Trumpets were blown in the  7th month of the 49th year to announce the arrival of the  50th Year.
  • A Jubilee or Year of Liberty was celebrated every 50th Year.
  • In fact, the number 50 is so important to  God that He released the Jews after 47 years of  captivity in Babylonian to allow them time to return to their land and celebrate the Year of  Jubilee in the 50th Year.   This was due to the strong intercession of  Apostle Daniel, although God had initially planned for them to remain in captivity for 70 years before being released.
  • The number 50 is matched with Jesus the Deliverer who brought continuous Liberation and offers an Exchange Program for all sorrow, desolations etc as explained by Isaiah 61 &  Jesus Himself in Luke 4: 14-21.


4. Can we match the principle of  49 to the month of  April?

God continues to celebrate Day 5  every 50th Year from the beginning of  Creation.  Since  April marks Day 4 of creation and the 9th hour the time when God finished His work and began to celebrate the upcoming  creation day, I did some calculations and discovered that the “9th” hour of April would be the 16th.

Pay attention to the period April 1 – 16th (possibly as early as March 28th – April  10th if  a creation month = exactly 28 days). This is a period of expectancy because it is the time for specific appointments and new beginnings in your life etc.   This should PRIMARILY mark  the beginning of  NEW revelations of  God’s Word.

Meantime, anything that you have sown into the earth early in the year should be growing and producing a harvest. Water your seed with the Word of God and continue to walk in the Light of the Word of God.

The subsequent time period of  April should begin the proclamation of  Liberation in your Life.  I know that Jesus gives us everlasting Liberty and that He sets the captives free at any time, but  Day 5 is a special appointment that I hope you will anticipate with great expectancy.

By the way, I was born on April 17th.