God used the FOURTH DAY to point to prophetic events that symbolize NEW SEASONS

God used the 4th day of  Creation to match the beginning of a NEW SEASON and I want to write about other  biblical events that match this new season. Here are examples:

  • Moses dedicated the Jews’ tabernacle on 1st  Abib/Nisan.  This matched the 2nd anniversary of  the  New Year assigned by  God (Ex 40: 17; Num 33: 3) =  your primary duty is to fellowship with God


  •  The Jews crossed Jordan in the First month = possession of new territory


  • Jashobeam was a valiant General who served David before he became King.  He was the Chief of  30 Captains and his name means “the people will return”.  During the period of  David’s exile by Saul,  Jashobeam  killed 300 of Israel’s enemies singlehandedly.   David  continued to honor him after he became King by assigning him the  FIRST tour of duty in the FIRST  month of the year   (1 Chron 11: 11; 1 Chron 12: 6; 1 Chron 27 : 2)
  • Jashobeam was a descendant of Perez, the illegitimate son of  Judah and Tamar
  • King Hezekiah of  Judah opened the doors of the house of the LORD, and repaired them in the first month of the first year of his reign. He also cleansed the house of the Lord because his father King Ahaz had led the nation into the worship of  demons  (2 Chron 29: 3 & 17).
  • King Josiah reinstated the Passover celebration after the worship of  God had been forsaken under the leadership of his father King Mannasseh (2  Chron 35: 1)
  • The Jews who returned from exile in Babylon began to rebuild the temple in 538. Through the years, their enemies used political pressure and aggression to stop the work.  They began to rebuild again in 520 under the prophetic ministry of  Haggai and Zechariah.  Angered, their enemies  protested to the King who found that  Cyrus had passed a decree for the rebuilding.  He passed a law that the very enemies should pay money towards the rebuilding and the work finished  in the 12th month of  516, exactly 70 years after the exile under King Jeconiah.   The Jews then celebrated the Passover in  the  1st month of  the next  Jewish New Year.
  • Ezra the Scribe   led the second delegation of  captives out of Babylon on the first Nisan.   He faced a situation in which the Jews, including the priests,  had forsaken the law of  God (Ezra 7: 9)
  • Haman played the lottery every day for one year in order to decide when the Jews should be killed. He began to do so on the first day of the first month/Nisan (Esther 3: 7)
  • On the 13th Nisan in  the following year, Haman published the law regarding the date for the killing of the Jews   (Esther 3:  12).  This is the day of  Jesus’ crucifixion.
  • Haman scheduled the mass murder of the Jews for the 13th day of the 12th month of the Jewish Year (Esther 3 :13)
  • Prophet Ezekiel received prophetic revelations on the first Nisan (Ezekiel 26: 1; 29: 17;  30: 20;  31: 1;  32: 1).
  • Prophet Daniel received a state visit from Archangel Gabriel on the 24th Nisan and saw a behind the scenes view of the warfare between God and the hosts of hell (Daniel 10: 4).

I tried to paint a picture in my mind in order to fully understand the preceding prophetic  meanings of   Creation Day 4.  The first  official celebration of  Day 4/New  Season was interlinked with  Jesus the Savior, Liberator and  Giver of the Holy  Spirit to all nations.  However, when I looked at the Jewish history,  I realize that much of the references to the New Year  related to their  broken  covenant with God.  This was marked by the forsaking of the Law and pollution of the temple.

Having forsaken their true  God in many seasons of their history,  the Jewish New Year was marked by the forsaken temple under the rule of  rebellious leaders  and  heightened threats to their survival as a people.  God still called on valiant men like Joshobeam and the Prophets to lead the people back to  Him.

Month 4/Jewish month 1 is a heightened time for  revelation, blessing and deliverance.  You and I need to make it our personal responsibility to strategically position ourselves to receive all that God has to offer. Blessings!