The angel sighting

I awoke this morning and was instructed to read John 5.  As I did, some new truths began to emerge.  The scenario takes place in the east of the  Jewish Temple, which was located  in the area of  a pool called Bethedsa.   Every year, people would wait breathlessly  for a  miraculous visit from an angel of heaven who would agitate the water of the pool, after which people would be healed.

Jesus used this as a backdrop for healing a lame man during the season of  the angel’s appearance.   By doing so, He confirmed that this visitor was indeed an angel of  God. 

There is a lot of  talk about extraterresterial beings.  Here is one in which an angel of God was seen by masses of people:


Which feast was it?

  • After doing a careful analysis, I determined that it could have either been the Feast of  Pentecost or Tabernacles
  • It was most likely the Feast of Tabernacles for reasons will be shown later


Bethedsa means “house of mercy” or “flowing water”

  • It was a place of miracles and healing from sickness
  • The Jews were in a sad state, the worst in their history – many were afflicted
  • God demonstrated His healing power by sending  an angel to agitate the water
  • Jesus healed a man there
  • The disciples followed Jesus’ example by healing other there
  • The Feast of Tabernacles was a time of  remembrance, but was preceded by national repentance and atonement (15 – 21 of the 7th Jewish month)
  • . The High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies and offer a sacrifice, asking God for pardon for the sins of the nation.
  • The Feast of the Tabernacles was for the celebration of the deliverance from sins.
  • Jesus is the eternal Atonement and atoner of our sins. We are saved from sins by the mercy of God.


The pool with its 5 porches was located in the east of the temple

  • This area was called Solomon’s porch 
  • The eastern part of the temple matches the Garden of Eden, which was located east of Eden.  Back to Eden – no sickness and sin.
  • What are other meanings of East in scripture?
  • God sent an angel yearly, making it a place of the miraculous
  • Jesus made it a place of the miraculous
  • The disciples also made it a place of the miraculous
  • The Word of  God is the place of the miraculous
  • The Garden of  Eden was in East  Eden


Why were there 5 porches?

  • The number  5 is linked with Creation Day 5
  • Creatures lived in water
  • Five is the  number of the  Living Word of  God  = Living Holy Spirit who will fill believers with all that God is and the fruitful Word of  God


 The people had to enter the pool of water to be healedWater means:

  • Word of God – the entire Law was historically read during the Feast of Tabernacles
  • Cleansing and  spiritual regeneration by the Word of  God
  • Jesus is the Living Water who gives us living water (Jn 7: 37)
  • Dipping in the water means baptism, symbolic of  separation from sin
  • Only those who entered the pool first would be healed


Symbolism of the movement of the water by the angel

  • The angel agitated the water at “a certain season” during the feast.  
  • This was a time of  heaven visiting humans
  • The people gathered and waited for the moving of the water
  • We are to seek God’s face
  •  Angels always appeared in human form to the Jews.
  • The Law was read during this feast to the nation as a reminder of the holy lives that the Jews were to live.
  • This truth is revealed in the location of the moving of the water and the place where Jesus chose to heal the man. 
  •  The angel agitated the water at this season every year, meaning that the Word will continually agitate our spirits and cause us to be healed if we believe.


The man had been in his condition for 38 years

  • He had never walked
  • Jesus Liberated him
  • He is still the healer and forgiver of sins