Executive Summary of Jesus’  ministry schedule:

 A. His appointments according to the Jewish calendar

 AD 30

  •  April/Nisan AD  –attends Passover in Jerusalem
  • August 19th – Baptism
  • August 20th – 40 days of fasting, then temptation. The example of the 2nd Adam
  • Late September/October – Ministry is publicly launched


AD 31

  •  April/Nisan  – Passover in Jerusalem, after which He returns to Galilee and heals the nobleman’s son 
  • October/Jewish month 7 – attends the Feast of Tabernacles and heals the man at the pool of Bethedsa


AD 32

  •  April/Nisan – Passover (Jn 6: 4) 
  • October/Jewish month 7  – Feast of the Tabernacles (Jn 7) 
  • December 25th – Feast of the Dedication (Jn 10: 22)


 AD 33

  •  Passover – His time to be offered as a sacrifice for our sins.


B. Jesus’  ministry  timeline

  • Jewish month 5/August 19th, AD 30 = launch of Jesus’ public ministry
  • Jewish month 5/August 19th, AD 31 = Jesus celebrated His 1st year of  public ministry
  • Jewish month 5/August 19th, AD 32 = Jesus celebrated His 2nd  Year of Public ministry
  • August 19th AD 33 – Jesus is in Heaven
  • He is crucified in April of AD 33 = 2 years and 8 months of public ministry on earth.


Details of Jesus’ ministry timeline by the Jewish Calendar

  • Every year, Jesus and his family travelled to Jerusalem with other Galileans to celebrate the Passover. It was also the Jewish New Year (Luke 2: 42 – 52). 


  • When He was 12, Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem to debate with the Doctors of the Law. Thinking He was in the crowd, Mary and Joseph realized 24 hours later that He was missing. Distraught, they returned to Jerusalem to look for Him and found Him in the Temple 3 days later (accustomed to playing hooky?).  He told them that He must be about His Father’s business (Luke 2: 41 – 52).

Do you know how 12 year olds behave? He must have been annoyed that they had interrupted His schedule!  Years later, when asked by Mary to provide wine at a feast, He told her that His time had not yet come. He is now older and wiser. He was accustomed to turning water into wine at home.



Launch of  His ministry, about mid August of AD 30

  • The Roman Emperor is Tiberius Caesar (Lk 3: 1).
  • He is in his 15th Year of  rule as Emperor
  • He ruled from 19th August AD 14 – 37
  • Therefore Tiberius’ 15th year began on August 19th, AD 30.
  • http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/594862/Tiberius;
  • John launched his ministry, preaching and baptizing  (Lk 3: 1-3)

 Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist in Tiberius’ 15th year, around August 19th.

  • August is celebration of Creation Day 1 = The Light is revealed. https://pppministries.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/there-is-a-lig…e-sun-and-moon/
  • August also matches Jewish month 5. The number 5 means the Revelation of the Word of God in flesh    This is why the book of John begins with the Word and Light.
  • The Jordan would have been very warm and have low water levels
  • He entered  His 30th year in AD 30  (Lk 3: 1-3; 20-23)
  • He goes to the wilderness where He is tempted and overcame the devil with His  Word


Forty 40 days of temptation ended about September 27th, AD 30 = Creation Day 2 is celebrated/Jewish month 6.

  • Creation Day 2 = The firmament divided the waters on the earth from the waters over the earth.
  • Water = word. Water above the firmament = Word of God/heavenly and waters under the firmament = false doctrine/earthly.
  • The earth emerges from the waters = release of captives blindness of false doctrines/from Satan’s oppression. This is why Jesus made the declaration that He was the fulfillment of Isaiah 61.
  • 6 means man – the 2nd Adam who showed us how to overcome the devil with the  Word of  God


Jesus began His active, public ministry about end of September/early October in AD 30.

  • October = celebrates Creation day 3 and Jewish month 7.
  • Returning from the wilderness, Jesus begins to preach, teach and work miracles
  • Day 3 = God’s planting day = Jesus would deposit the true Word of God in humans. We enter into His rest by believing His Word
  • Calls the disciples from the fishing industry – James, John, Simon, Andrew (seem to be the first day after returning from the wilderness)
  • Called Phillip the next day (Jn1: 40-44). John wrote about Jesus’ baptism, but not about the temptation in the wilderness.
  • Jesus was on His way to Galilee on the 3rd day and called Phillip (Jn 1: 40- 45)
  • Jesus arrives in Galilee on the 3rd day and attended a wedding. Turned water to wine (Jn 2)
  • John said that Jesus went to Capernaum after this 1st miracle in His hometown (Jn 2: 11-12). Luke filled  in the details below
  • Luke said that after returning from the wilderness,  Jesus went home to Nazareth of Galilee where He announced in the synagogue that He was the Messiah (Luke 4: 14-12)The people were offended at His preaching, saying that He was ONLY the son of Joseph. They became enraged and tried to kill Him by throwing Him off a high hill in the city. Jesus escaped maybe by making Himself invisible (Lk 4: 31)
  • He also worked miracles  in His hometown of Nazareth
  • Jesus went to Capernaum because of the attitude of the people and lived  there – teaching and preaching  (Lk 4: 14-31)
  • He called Levi the son of Alphaeus (Mk 2: 1-14)
  • People came to Capernaum from all the regions to be healed 
  • He ordained the 12  (Mk 3)
  • His friends came from Galilee to try to forcibly restrain Him, thinking He is crazy. There is a tussle/fight.
  • Hearing the news that the scribes from Jerusalem had said that He had an unclean spirit, His family also come to “take Him back home
  • Jesus replied that His family was those who did the will of His Father.

  • Passover Feast in Jerusalem (Jn 2: 23)
  • He worked miracles in Jerusalem
  • Nicodemus visited at this time and believed on Him (St John 3).
  • Jesus returned to Galilee. The Galileans received Him because of the miracles which He had done in Jerusalem (St John 4: 45).
  • He performed a second miracle in his home place of Galilee by healing the nobleman’s son



  • Feast of Tabernacles  in Jerusalem
  • Healed the lame man at the pool of Bethedsa (JN 5)

  • Passover Feast in Jerusalem (Jn 6: 4) Jewish month 10/October  



  • Feast of Tabernacles (Jn 7: 2, 8, 10). 
  • His siblings did not believe He was the Messiah
  • The Jews looked for Him (they were continually aggravated because He “broke the Sabbath” with His miracles and also by His hard core messages against them)
  • Jesus went up to the Feast in secret and taught (Jn 7: 14)
  • Jesus cried out in the  Temple, “if any one thirsts” (Jn 7: 37)



  • Feast of the dedication (Jn 10: 22)
  • It is winter  (about December 25th)
  • He walks in Solomon’s porch as a tribute  to Solomon

  • The final Year of Jesus’ earthly ministry
  • It is the Feast of the Passover and time for His arrest, death, burial and resurrection (Jn 11: 56)