1. Introduction

You need to plan the  answer to each of your “A” rated  essays before  you even begin to write the answer.   No one builds a house without a design and the content of and organization of the essay will depend on the preparation that you put into it.

I love writing essays and will share secrets that have helped me to do so successfully. These include:

  • EIGHT EASY SECRETS to an “A” rated essay
  • Organization  of the essay IN THREE EASY STEPS IS  KEY to success


 2. EIGHT EASY  SECRETS to an “A” rated essay

  1.  Plan the time for each essay.  This includes time to plan, write and review the final response.
  2. Take at least  5 – 7  minutes to plan the essay
  3. Write the plan on scrap and decide on the content that you will include. Keep your scrap organized. 
  4. There is NO TIME to rewrite. The most important thing is to thoroughly answer ALL questions for that “A” that we are expecting.
  5. If the paper has 4 questions to be written in 3 hours, each question will take 60 minutes x 3 = 180/4 = 40 minutes per question. 
  6. However, take the length of the question into consideration, since the WORD COUNT will determine the length of time.
  7. For example, if question 1 asks for 300 words and question 2 asks for 500 words, I would borrow time from question 1 and spend a little more time on question 2.
  8. Read each question carefully, paying attention to the KEY words and sentences



 You must remember to organize the essay to allow you to include the KEY points, for clarity and timing.  This is what I was taught in Form 2, while attending Girls High School:

1. Start with the Introduction

  • write the key points that  you will include in the essay.


2. Body –  explore  each of the points

  •  write  the  content related to each point that you will include
  • You need to include information – explanations, definitions, examples from history, figures,  dates,  stories  etc
  • Remember to include paragraphs, keeping similar content together


3. Conclusion

  • This is usually a summary or highlights of the key points


Finally, take 5 – 7 minutes to review the entire paper. You definitely will have time to do so if you follow these guidelines.

Dedicated to my nephew Corey.


Mercedes Moss holds academic degrees from the University of the West Indies and University of Glasgow, Scotland.  She taught at  College level and participated in test development, grading and analysis at local and regional level.