Today I’m writing about 40, which is a multiple of the number 4.  This post will cover Part A of The Meaning Of 40 DAYS AND YEARS


  •  The flood lasted for 40 days and nights during which the earth was cleansed of the sinners who had corrupted it.
  • 40 means cleansing



  •  The Egyptians embalmed Jacob and mourned his death for 40 days 
  • 40 days of mourning were proportionate to Jacob’s role as the father of a great nation and the leadership and wisdom of his son Joseph.
  • 40 means to give respect and honor to a person of greatness.



  • Moses was 40 years old when he fled from Egypt. He had lived all of his life in Pharaoh’s palace but loved his people the Jews.
  • He used violence and murder to settle a dispute between an Israeli and a Jew, although the Jews did not care for him as a person or a deliverer. This indicated that he was his inability to settle disputes.
  • Later as a leader and Judge appointed by God, Moses taught Law and settled many disputes between the Jews.  He transferred this spirit of wisdom to 70 elders who then handled legal matters in the nation, although he continued to act in the role of Chief Justice.
  • After fleeing from Egypt, Moses lived for 40 years in the desert of Midian.
  • During this time he married the wife of the Priest of Midian, worked as a shepherd and had two sons.
  • God called him at age 40 x 2 or 80 to lead the Jews out of Egypt and back to the land promised to their forefather Abraham. 
  • He was generally willing to obey, although he claimed that he had a speech deficit.
  • The Jewish leaders were now  willing to listen to him, since he had come with a mandate from an authority figure – the God of their father Abraham
  • Moses spent 40 days and nights in Mount Sinai receiving the law in a direct encounter with God
  • When he descended from the mountain 40 days later, the Jews were having a sexual orgy in honor of a demon whose symbol was a calf.  
  • Moses broke the stone tables on which God had engraved the highlights of the law.
  • Moses then had to plead with God not to kill the people. He then returned into the mountain where he spent another 40 days and nights
  • During this time, he received another copy of the law or contract. His face shone so brightly that he had to cover it to protect the Jews from being blinded.
  • Moses died at 120 years or (40×3).
  • This means that all of his work had been fully completed as a leader and God’s Apostle in the earth.


  • 40 means fulfillment and completion of purpose 
  • God directly influenced Moses during the final 40 year span of his life, bringing him to greatness and maturity as an individual and a leader.
  • Like Moses, a personal encounter with God at the beginning or during that 40 day or 40 year period is the most important element.  This will chart a new course in your life, leading to the fulfillment of destiny and purpose.  
  • Rebellion against God will bring destruction.

More to come!