A.  Circumstances leading to the 40 year period of wandering

I will use the Jews as a reference point. They wandered for 40 years in the desert rather than crossing over into the Land that God had willed to them.  Shortly after they celebrated the 1st anniversary of the Exodus, God commanded Moses to send 12 rulers on a reconnaissance mission. These are the highlights:

  • Moses gave them the details of the mission (Numbers 13)
  • The spies searched the land extensively for 40 days – from Hebron in the south to the coasts
  • They brought back a branch of 1 cluster of grapes that was so huge that two of them had to carry it.
  • However, the spies’ report was dismal, because 10 (83%) voted against the move. That is, they voted for a rebellion against God’s command
  • Why the negative report? The spies had seen the apparently impenetrable, walled cities and worst of all, the GIANTS!
  • The spies’ report caused great turmoil among the people (and the Dow fell in Wall Street)
  • The people voted to choose a new President and return to Egypt. Moses (Numbers 14). Aaron, Caleb and Joshua tried unsuccessfully to dissuade them; reminding them of God’s power to deliver them from the GIANTS.
  • Then, horror of horrors, they voted to immediately kill Moses, the leader/President!


B. God’s Indictment – 40 years wandering for 40 days reconnaissance = MATCHING DAYS TO YEARS

  •  God became very angry and provoked because of the UNBELIEF of the people who had seen His miracles in Egypt and the desert up to that time.
  • Moses pleaded with God not to kill them, although He killed the 10 spies
  • God pardoned the people for Moses’ sake, but sentenced those 20 years and over to death in the wilderness. They had wanted to return to Egypt, anyway
  • He broke His contract with them because they had broken theirs. God called the people EVIL unbelievers, provoking, murmurers, beasts (their carcasses would waste in the desert). Unbelief is evil (Hebrews 3 & 4)
  • God used THE LAW OF MATCHING –  sentencing the Jews to live in the desert for 40 years, one for each day of search (Numbers 14: 34)

You won’t want to miss the upcoming post on “The  Law of  Matching”. Blessings