1. What preceded Elijah’s 40 day experience?

Queen Jezebel issued a warrant for Prophet Elisha’s arrest and death shortly after he killed 400 of her \”prophets\”    following a dramatic  contest.   Fearing for  his life, he went to the desert where he prayed to die. However, God will always preserve His prophets in persecution and sent an angel twice to feed Elijah with angels’ food.

That  food  miraculously kept him strong and nourished for 40 days, during which he went to Mount Horeb to seek God.  Elijah reenacted the 40 year period of wandering by walking for 40 years in the same desert.  However, he was on a God seeking quest.


2. The significance of Mount Horeb

 Mount Horeb is a very significant place   for  meetings,  beginnings, Power Displays and revelation of  God’s truth:

  • It was the place where Apostle Moses FIRST met  God.
  • God gave the  Law  to Moses here. 
  • The Jews abandoned  God and  worshipped a demon while Moses was in the Mountain.
  • God almost killed the entire nation here
  • The name seems to be a synonym for Sinai
  • It was a holy place of worship

Prophet Elijah associated Horeb with demonstrations and the revelation of  Great Power.    He  must have felt that he needed God to show him a greater display of power than he had seen before.  


3. What happened in Horeb?

Elijah hid out in a cave, but God asked him what he was doing there. He complained that there was a warrant out for his death because he had confronted and killed the prophets of the demons. God said He would reveal Himself:

  • There was a twister – God was not in it
  • An earthquake – still God was not in it
  • He was in the still, small voice


4. Prophet Elijah needed the reassuring Presence of God

God does not always roar and thunder, as David revealed in Psalm 18. Prophet Elijah needed the reassurance of God’s presence and not a power display.  He spoke face to face with God, who instructed him to anoint a man called Jehu to be King instead of the rebellious king Ahab and his wife Jezebel.  In other words, God was about to eliminate the greatest enemy of a Prophet who was such a friend that he never died.

 40 also means a period of  seeking after  God

5. Read the rest of the incident in 2 Kings 9

Queen Jezebel\’s grisly death marked the end of  an era of rebellion against  God.