1. The scenario of the crossing of  Jericho

 40 years after Moses attempted to enter the promised inheritance, Joshua the new leader used a different approach. He secretly sent out TWO spies on a reconnaissance mission to the city of Jericho, then had them report secretly to him. These two men had a completely different mind set and reported that the land was theirs for the possession (Joshua 2: 24).  They had seen their parents die prematurely in the desert and were anxious to be done with that era of their lives.  A majority vote had  caused the 40 year wandering.

 God had given Joshua the strategy for the crossover (Joshua 3: 7 & 8)

  • Safety is found, not in large numbers, but rather in people who agree with God’s Word.
  • A majority vote is not  right when it goes against God’s Word.
  • We will not inherit anything in the earth if we linger in the old places in fear.


2. The timing of the crossing of  Jordan

 The people passed over the Jordan on the 10th Nisan (Joshua 4: 19).  This was the day they would have set aside the Passover lamb and also the 40th anniversary of the Exodus and first Passover. The Jordan was overflowing its banks and the water would have been treacherous for the people. 

  • A time of change may be tumultuous (as in the USA health care reform. People even threatened the lives of those who passed the bill! Same as Moses’ death threats 40 years prior).


 3. Joshua’s instructions to the people (Joshua 3 & 4)

  • Watch for the ark of the Covenant and follow it (the priests)
  • Don’t get too close – keep a distance of 2000 cubits  from it. You have not passed this way before and need to see
  • Sanctify yourselves – God will do miracles among you
  • He told the people the that  the priests carrying the ark would stand in the water after which the   waters  of the Jericho would part
  • 40,000 men of war crossed first, followed by  the people and the priests
  • A memorial was placed in the river bed to mark the event
  • Joshua reproduced the crossing of the Red Sea. The people began to fear him
  • You need a leader who hears directly from God and performs miracles.  This is a person with visionary leadership.


4. The meaning of the Ark

  • Follow the people who carry the Ark or the Presence of God in their lives. 
  • When the Philistines stole the ark, they were tormented.
  • When Eli’s sons went to war with the ark, they were killed because the Presence of  God was not with them.
  • When a man or woman of God has the ark, the nation will be blessed.
  • False prophets cannot carry the Presence of  God.
  • The Ark is not a talisman, beads, a cross etc.
  • The number 2000 represents the Year 2000, two thousand years after Christ and beginning of a new millennium.  It took up to 10 years later for many to get a clear vision for deliverance.


5. Conclusion

God will accomplish His plans in the earth once available and willing people are found.    HE waits for another opportune timing and will work with those individuals.   Blessings!    Try again!