JO asked this question about his firstfruit offering few days ago. I am publishing it since I could not contact him by email as  he requested:

I need ur candid advice! I promisd God to give Him my firs fruit wen he wud land me wit a job. Now, i have d job & ready to fulfill d vow. Apart 4rm my local church, there are 2 prophetic ministries I attend. I decided 2 divide the salary into 3 for each group. My questin is if it is right 2do so or do I bundle d whle salary to just one? Plz I need an ans, even to my inbox. Thanks…

My response:

Greetings and thanks for asking the question at My answer is based on the following guiding principles:

1. Firstfruit offerings were FIRST given by Abel and represented love, allegiance, obedience and respect for God.

2.  The Jews were later commanded to give various kinds of firstfruit offerings to the Priests in memorial of the dead firstborn in Egypt. This catastrophic event and no other forced Pharoah to let them go.

  • The firstfruit offerings were brought to the temple where the priests carried out the activities of  ministering to the spiritual and other needs of the nation. Neglect of the offerings meant that the priests would starve at harvest time. Giving to them first meant that God’s work was placed as priority.
  • All firstborn animals and males were God’s firstfruit offerings
  • Today, the priests and temple would represent your church where your spiritual and other needs are met.

3. The Jews followed the practice of giving offerings to men and women in ministry

  • Abraham set the pace by giving an offering to Melchizedek, Priest of the Most High God (Gen 14)
  • Scripture records that a firstfruit offering was given to Prophet Elisha  in time of famine. He used this to feed the people with him (2 Kings 4: 42)
  • Saul gave gifts to Prophet Samuel when he sought help tp locate his father’s donkeys (1 Samuel 9: 5-10).
  • Jesus received gifts of money and ointment from the people to whom He ministered. He even had a money bag, equivalent to a Modern Day Bank.
  • The principle is that you should give to the man or woman of God who ministers to you in any way. According to scripture, he or she is worthy of the reward.

4. Given these principles in the scripture, I would say that you are being fair to divide the offering, especially if each of these ministries gave you preparation or instructions about the new job.

I hope that you are at peace with this, JO.