Two weeks ago I was printing at a library, when the title of the work being printed by the lady ahead of me attracted my attention. The title said, “seven days in heaven“.   I began to talk with her about the topic. She said that she was writing a book and that she was an astral traveller.

I engaged her in conversation, asking questions. She said that she had been to the third heaven and that she was not allowed to go any further. I asked her if she believed in Jesus and she replied that she believed in Him as well as in many gods, including Buddha etc. She said that there were many ways to be saved.

I told her that Jesus was the only way to be saved, but she replied that in heaven, the gods such as Buddha etc agree and do not disagree on religion like their followers on earth. I pointed out that the scriptures  said that there is one God who owns the earth. She disputed that. We had a long discussion and I ended the conversation by telling her that the people who believe in Jesus had the greatest power. I was sad that I could not convince her about the truth about Jesus.

Later that day I began to surf for sites about angels. I discovered that many of the people writing about angels and claiming to have information from Michael, Gabriel and other angels were witches, psychics etc. This was rather interesting to me.

Later that night, I had a vision in which this astral traveller that I had met tried to attack me. However, Prince Michael stood in the way. She was puzzled and said that this was not the Michael that she knew.

Now this raises some interesting questions. These people are being deceived because satan and other demons are apparently producing a “heaven” and masquerading as angels of the Lord.

More on this in the upcoming post. Blessings.

First published at  on 21st January, 2008